Twelve rookie novice teaching website to improve website ranking and flow technique

One of the

since our website to do so when we update the keyword ranking content to your site keywords to the appropriate add to the article, and the anchor text links a website would also like to do some so conducive to spider crawling and multiple cycle crawling station.

website homepage is just like your face, I think you must go out to dress very clean and refreshing so that their comfortable others see you will feel comfortable, the inside pages of words like your heart and character so within the pages of our website to be simple and home the same, let user feel no pressure to give the overall visual feeling so easy to accept the website home page and inside pages are very important for the user experience of

is now the access speed of domestic enterprises and some large station site overall is very fast, so our own website also want to learn from these advantages of their own space, we must choose if you often have some small problems or browsing the peak open or open slowly then we as soon as possible for space, we don’t want to a slow decline in the performance of web space.

I believe that for many new Adsense are not know the site map of the system, the site map is mainly to search engine spiders use to create a site map link to each of your pages. Keep update. It helps the spiders into each page. Put a text link to the site map on the main page.

two, the entire station

since we do search engine rankings so we must understand the characteristics of the search engine spider, spider is very love a website has his original style, a good website must have their own original content so we should spend some time in the original content above some effort to make every search engine the spider has something to grab.

Three, ensure the stability of the

site map

, a daily writing original content

Ensure the simplicity of Five, space

four, "keyword

Optimization of

Links is also very important in the establishment of the steps in our webmaster every day took an hour to some larger >

six, Links inspection and exchange

recently updated more frequently and love Shanghai website keyword many to get a good ranking but also the site of the flow to drive up, but a few happy tears every update has good and bad, bad is ranking down flow reduction then really let the webmaster is depressed well for a while, and then the last of the "teaching the new site Eleven: website construction can not be" to continue to Jihuo today’s course, by what method can improve website ranking and flow rate increase.

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