The new station through the five basic matters audit period should pay attention to the search engin

comparison of the two railway station, and perhaps we can see the new station, now the more you care more is to spend time, you may not accept the search engine like. Especially now love Shanghai, the more you care about it, the more it is far away from you. If the new station into the search engine in the review period, what should we do?

, continue to maintain the original content website

interestingly, second station I, to be honest I is not to spend too much effort, every day can take up to ten minutes to maintain and update. But the effect of received abnormal alarming. On-line within a week, a love Shanghai index is 200 words even in Shanghai love the first two pages, Google home page. Until now is. The optimization work for this station, it can be said that almost did not, even the chain is not to send.

many webmaster friends in new sites in the assessment period, often using > released

two, do not arbitrarily replace the

site structureThe structure of the

website, is a bridge linking all the web pages of our entire website. If the search site audit of your engine, the stability of site structure will be included, in order to make the new station to get extra points in the search engine, do not arbitrarily replace the structure. Here the need to mention is that if you have to site structure, as far as possible do not change existing "URL.

search engine changing algorithm, new problems are increasingly prominent. A phenomenon is the most obvious, love Shanghai for the new station attitude, as long as we are not careful will fall into the endless audit. So when this happens, how to correctly and quickly through the

With the recent

three, the chain do not have much relevance, is the focus of extensive

generally if we put all our energy into a new search engine, but even when we don’t bird, it would be easy to get disheartened, and even may want to give up. This time we want to do is to stabilize your heart every day, continue to add your website content, but also must be original. Even if the search engine is not included, the content of high quality is a must.

said the solution before you tell me a personal case, recently I have two new sites online. One of the first station "I want to solve the network" to spend more energy, is the key to do. In this station, even in each list page and publish each article are carefully considered. Then slowly included, this is a happy thing. But because the server issues a few days open, causing the site to gradually become zero included. Even if you can’t please the search engine, it will not look at your eyes. Until third months, slowly released, has been basically stable to the snapshot overnight, the day included the situation.


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