Love Shanghai statistics and noble baby Analytics the same function contrast effect

analysis of

The report contains

analysis of the audience

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this relates to population statistics almost breakdown, technology and behavior of noble baby Analytics (analysis) is not included as the audience in the noble baby Analytics (analysis) to report the same, but in the love of Shanghai is the age distribution statistics reported for tourists. However, how they how to collect accurate data and age is still an unknown user.


report is like a noble baby Analytics (analysis) the content of the website report, you will see all visited web pages and the performance index analysis, entrance exit pages. An index of love Shanghai statistical definition, here is to move to the next page contribution value, it will tell you the higher the contribution of mobile visitors next page. This metric is very useful, in order to solve the web content optimization

custom analysis


traffic sources

report shows, website traffic information, such as the noble baby Analytics (analysis) the visitors overview report. The noble baby Analytics (analysis) and love Shanghai statistical data between different data, it has about 10% of the difference.


PAGE analysis

like those custom functions, paid search traffic, track, conversion >

this report shows that visitors come to your site from different sources and media. This is almost the same noble baby Analytics (analysis) traffic sources report, but in other reports the paid search and advertising series of traffic reports. Such as

it is worth noting that the average from the time spent computing love Shanghai website Analytics than noble baby (analysis) is more accurate, because they can be the last page of track time spent on a single page, and for no further navigation time.

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in 2011, has made many major improvements to love Shanghai statistics, its interface function and report. For many domestic staff to provide data analysis using Shanghai dragon. When you first see the love of Shanghai, you should find their own familiar to you, provided many of the report of the group of love Shanghai statistics, statistical data is more or less noble baby Analytics (analysis), the same points listed below:

trend analysis

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