Old friends of the chain of new exchange

then a chain in specific to what specific benefits to my own website, here to sum up.

in addition, friends of the chain are like people, we have a saying called "Like attracts like. too, the same website, you Birds of a feather flock together." website and some of the same industry comparison good sites are related to traffic links, will identify the search engine on your more friendly, as your website have contact with some bad sites, search engines also jointly on your web site is no good impression. So, for friends of the chain must be careful, appreciated.


today so I put my own summary of some friends in the chain of new share to you, hope to have what experience for friends of the chain to help a friend.

started to the site to find a chain like a headless flies rampage, every day immersed in the Internet in the ocean after a toss about, the Monday for a chain are not to change. Then ask a few friends in the end how to change the chain, also is not for friends of the chain is a very difficult thing that puzzled.


in the past few days has been to several sites on hand for Links, do Shanghai Longfeng months from no contact for Links to the site, do the work really is a big girl on the car – the first time ah.

when I know this, I began to calm down, think of some methods for friends, at the same time, analysis of several websites need to change the hand of a chain, and then make a plan. The day gets a chain, but the process is very rapid, is generally less than twenty minutes to change to a chain.

Later I found

, trying to find the right chain is not an easy thing, but it is definitely not a difficult thing, a Monday for a chain did not change not because this thing how, but oneself, I did not find the right way to do this, the other side because mentality. Several websites while looking for friends of the chain, plus other things mixed, the person in charge and ask myself daily, so impatient, hold this impetuous psychological nature cannot do things proceed smoothly.

Shanghai dragon knows the friends of the chain, then the chain to a site in the end is the same as what can exist on the website, the website optimization play what role

popular point, Links is actually in the other site of the home page to add a website about your anchor text. We all know that a website homepage is the site of the highest page weight, your links in the page of paper, the equivalent of the website as search engines recommend you this website, it exists for your web site is a good thing.

1) improve your weight. The premise is the other and your site is equal to or better than you.


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