Local building materials network access to the user by Shanghai dragon is still the most powerful

web, optimization of core keywords including industry words, words, words, navigation flow brand words, each type has its own characteristics, methods in the promotion of the time there are differences, but on the whole is to rely on technology to do Shanghai Longfeng these keywords to a good ranking. This may explain why Shanghai dragon can be developed so rapidly, why millions of stationmaster are very big and the Shanghai Dragon technology to learn and improve it? Although the effect is slower, although the search engine algorithm has been adjusted, but once the keyword ranking is relatively stable, then the equivalent of every day can continue the directional flow, this flow is not cost too high cost, compared to advertising, has a very high price. In recent years, the development of the electricity supplier is very hot, a lot of website advertising is also rising, while Shanghai Longfeng price is further highlighted. Some webmaster do Taobao customers, in the process of doing Taobao customers, as long as a flow, a conversion rate of the word ranking on the home page, so every day can have a fixed income, its effect can be comparable with the advertising.

The needs of the development of traffic

by Shanghai dragon do promotion, the core is based on keywords bring traffic, in addition to the core keywords we developed, long tail keywords is also an important direction for an industry to dig deep, you can dig into a lot of long tail keywords, users of these words is the potential for them, organize, publish, and then get more traffic is one of the key steps. Below are from the core keywords and long tail keywords, soft Wen promotion three aspects elaborated.

local building materials network is a direction of webmasters are concerned, when local building networks, there are many areas of concern, the accumulation of resources is particularly important, but early, get through the Shanghai dragon user is still the most powerful way, because it can obtain directional flow and target customers, its price relatively low, only when the site was developed to a certain degree, a lot of offline operation can be carried out. When the website is only when a program, can not bring value and information to customers, we only try to run to be able to receive the support of users. So this paper will talk about the local building materials network advantage and direction of Shanghai dragon.

: a large amount of long tail keywords accumulated little difficulty, high conversion

core keywords Optimization: slow, stable, cost-effective

many sites when doing optimization, is first developed to optimize the core keywords, but in the concrete implementation of the optimization, to act in a diametrically opposite way. The first is the beginning of the long tail keywords. Because of the long tail keywords conversion rate is relatively high, it is relatively easy. The search engine offers a convenient user to search engine can search the information they are interested in, and this information is mostly some long words, not only is a core keywords, so take this part of words is to grasp the needs of users. Length >

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