Love the sea K station after some strange Shanghai dragon phenomenon

this map can see the station included completely normal

small K according to their website 6.22 love Shanghai K station experience: some personal views.

You can see this picture


the news media forum 贵族宝贝bbs.xunmeicn贵族宝贝/thread-989-1-1.html

this picture can be seen without a snapshot of the home page is.

after the 3 pictures above show a puzzled place is the home page there is a snapshot, but love Shanghai but not search, and search the main keywords can see the snapshot of the home page, here are some hope that we can get from Shanghai dragon circles some answers and opinions, at the same time welcome to Shanghai Dragon topic with my interaction


recently visited a lot of Shanghai Longfeng forum, see a lot of people are in love in Shanghai recently crazy K station, but have yet to recover. I love Shanghai in the forum is disappearing from the 6.25 page, before the page is normal, from No. 6.25 was K after I watched the IIS log, found love in Shanghai every day the spider is normal to grab my website, but it is in the home page, disappeared in Shanghai. The direct love weight also increased, this morning by the webmaster tools to check the website home page that is not updated, the inside pages included rate can reach more than 90%, is a lot of repetitive content. The front page of the main keywords rank the following maps. You can see that this is not love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the reason, but love the Shanghai system as shown in figure




, please indicate the source!

home page of the main keywords ranking and the first picture formed completely contradictory.

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