ncrease the flow exploring several new ideas to seduce spider search

I guess, small search spiders may be sub types, such as finance and economics of small spiders, marketing small spiders, Shanghai dragon class of small spiders, beauty small spiders and so on, your website is what kind of sent what kind of spider, what kind of small spiders eat the species this article. Or a small spider’s appetite is gradually developing, used to eat a taste, you do not want to change. This situation is very obvious in my station, I do the marketing skills class website, when I sell skills included articles, very fast, some ten minutes included. But when I made a few other types of articles, I found not included. Later, I have done some experiments, not to be included in those different article, with some marketing skills vocabulary, found not long time is included.

is not to say that small spiders love the same type of article? Yes, but love fresh articles in the same type of articles, namely original articles. This is true, a collection of original articles.

is mainly due to do at home, the focus here said love Shanghai small spider. From the simple included station began, to let people wander the hard sandbox to today very quickly included, I have experienced. I feel the love of Shanghai search spider is more like a stubborn dog, your article is its food, if it meets the appetite for it will soon open the appetite, eating, and search engine for half an hour or an hour on the show have included. If it isn’t the right appetite, it will be a long time to eat, the search engine for a day or a few days included. If your food not its appetite, it is angry, the consequences will be grievous, it will not a month, when you enter to the new owners turn sandbox. Love Shanghai small spider ah, vulnerable. How can you take care of this spider, it often, come to seduce? Here about myself on the small spider habits of exploration and countermeasures, to speak out for reference and discussion.

1, a small spider love with one type of article

stands for more than a year, the search engine optimization and method of stations are constantly learning and try it. At first, according to the experience of others blindly go a long time, even with their own bank also found out some experience, presented to you. Everybody is good:) do not know how to see, according to my marketing skills of the bank, I think is the first station for search engine spiders to sell, and every page should be made to seduce the search engine spider bait, this can not only accelerate the love of Shanghai included speed, improve website ranking, or even if your main keywords ranking was not in front, you can also increase the page included attract a lot of traffic.

search habits of small spider requires us to arrange time of each article, we must consider the correlation and continuity of the website and the previous article, so as to let the spider included speed.


2, a small spider Xixinyanjiu

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