Share real recommend outside the chain of tools through the love of Shanghai

in the past, Shanghai to share love brush website ranking in the end there is no effect, has been the topic of discussion in the webmaster. However, after two times the chain algorithm changes this year, the chain real recommendation is always the focus of our study. The meaning of sharing tools I believe we are very clear, sharing tools meant that allows users to make the website content recommendation out, and recommend out will also leave the original link, then this is a very valuable real recommended chain.

the first document reference chain judgment standard about the true recommended chain description, we know the quality of the chain is the user really recommended. What is really recommend? Don’t love to see Shanghai technology can break through the computer before the user is not true? Of course not, to search engine technology at present, in fact judgment for the chain and content have not yet reached the high point. At most is to analyze to what is cheating, which is rubbish, otherwise it will not remain so many black hat. How to let the search engine think we really do? In fact, sharing tools to share links are some of the basic community, like the blog platform, may wish to take a look at this website 贵族宝贝, all through the analysis of above mentioned here can be found on this site, outside the chain of this site are from some of the community. It can get good rankings. But in another rely on signature, classification of information, the forum for the construction of the chain website ranking is not fit to be seen. So if we insist on the platform for the construction of some outside the chain, is a lot of benefits for the website. How to increase the share of Shanghai love through true recommend the chain site


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website user experience is the key, but the search engine judgment method of the user experience is relatively limited, is through the website PV, bounce rate, residence time of visitors to judge, and the judge method has some inaccuracy. Therefore, the author bold speculation, Shanghai love sharing tools will become standard to judge the quality of the site in the future will be the development of search engine. Of course, at present people brush share is accounted for most, but I believe that with the development of search engine, whether the real share is very easy to identify easily.

note here is, if only to brush the share number, then need different IP operation, with a IP or share >

love is love Shanghai Shanghai sharing tools sharing tools in June 2011 an on-line, on-line, has always been very low-key. Shanghai love sharing tools introduction, it is mainly to improve the search engine user experience and also improve their own brand awareness. Compared with other sharing tools, the introduction of Shanghai love sharing tools is clearly more authoritative, and has special significance.

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