Small tips website optimization process

The first point: learn to use the

third: the chain of resources to get more and better. Use the following tips so you can easily get the chain resources 1. using domain query: we can use the domain query in the search engine ranking competitor’s website, see if they are the chain where, then follow the links click and release, these sites have good rankings are generally the chain weight is high, will be used to draw the chain resources well.

2. will be more excellent soft Wen released to the high authority website, now many sites for the release of the soft, and the weight is very high, such as A5, if released by other soft site acquisition, then constitute a strong chain, but also more convenient.

second: if title and description define the site better, many enterprises including Shanghai dragon Er novice do not know how to define the site of title and description when receiving sites, and even some of them do not know how to choose keywords, Never mind, this is a little skill, we can search related to love Shanghai look at the industry, standing in the front of the site of title and description how to write, and then go to imitate their basic is no problem, title is generally 3-5 words, description is a 60 words or less fluent words, to include key words.

fourth: the full increase in the construction of the chain website, other pages in the construction of the chain is each page containing the relevant column. How to use a simple way to complete the construction of the chain in the site, we can read a related or a next > increase below each article pages

robots file. Many owners do not understand, the robots.txt file is a ban on the search engine crawling file, Shanghai dragon’s work is not just to let the search engines do, why should prohibit? When we are building a new station, when we are not ready or section of the title website, update the content, structure and layout good website, we need to use the robots.txt file, because when the search engine we haven’t updated the station search engine will produce a bad first impression on the website, is not conducive to optimize and maintain a focus, let the spider better website is the content of effective optimization.

for many of the more senior webmaster, site optimization is a fun and full of pride, but a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er learning website optimization will feel some difficulty, one is do not know how to through the optimization ideas, on the other hand, do not know how to use the simple small optimization skills to site. The following Yishui Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng to introduce website optimization tips in the process:

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