Site need to pay attention to the exchange of a chain of what


webmaster in exchange links when the following is the need to pay attention to, do these points can reduce the probability of a web site is down right.

check Links form. Links pictures and links, anchor text links, for image links, you must let them add ALT tags in the picture, tell the spider this picture is what meaning, to prevent search engines understand.

The number of

Links is using a nofollow tag, the tag is anti >

love Shanghai snapshot and included the number. Love Shanghai snapshot, and stand inside the number included, outside the chain, which is concerned about friend exchange chain problem, no need to update the snapshots every day, but the ranking is better, the ranking is good, the weight can pass the high.

wrote about cheating in the chain view since April 25th Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, the chain has become more and more difficult, so many webmaster blind, how do the chain website, the website is not only rely on the station, the station layout is again good, if no external into the spider web site so that friendship is not included. The link is an effective web site outside of the chain, the chain in Shanghai love against time, how to do Links, let it pass high weight site to

6, is taking the output of JS at Links, the search engine is not grab the JS, how to determine whether the JS call Links, put the mouse on the Links, look in the status bar to the bottom left corner of the browser, if the display is not your web site, but a long list of the is calling.

see the other site outbound links number. Very excited when he and a high weight site exchange links, and it doesn’t have to transfer the high weight website, to see how many outbound links to other websites and other site a lot of weight, outbound links too much, then transfer to your site links are few.

Links to frequently monitor adjustment. What needs to be constantly observed, Links changed, to the moment when no monitoring, website ranking, the withdrawal of the other Links, prevent the impact of their own website, other website down right, will lead to your site right down.

many webmaster in exchange Links blindly, do not know how to exchange, Links exchange difference and determines the weights of the site after the good and ranking, because of the change in Links must be careful, for a good website is good, do not blindly go to exchange links.

derived website of the other side chain is also very important, the number of export export compared to less number of transfer weight less, so for friends of the chain are hoping to lead to less exchange chain, the weight can pass high.

check management website is punished. The other site being punished, will bring certain influence to their website, love Shanghai on his stand in the penalty time, will think that your site is also a problem, causing the site to drop right.

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