Refuse outside the chain of tools can bring what Shanghai Dragon

of course, if you do not know what to link to your website, you can first use the chain analysis tools to check, get the webmaster can see the link to your site in the field behind the link will appear "to link" button:



two in Shanghai, the dragon and the benign transformation of

Click to go, you can directly add the link:

since the birth of Shanghai dragon, the chain is a daily specific topic.

of course, now that the tool is still in beta, Yu Dou temporarily did not qualify, but according to the information provided by the enthusiastic group members, Yu Dou to have a certain understanding of this tool, if you get this qualification, the right column will appear Webmaster Tools:

as everyone knows, love this part of the chain of Shanghai foreign attitudes increasingly clear, the chain that is strictly against low quality is invalid, it is only from the late last year, before the Shanghai dragon, everyone around the chain, a lot of people did not think of, the quality of the chain, the number of only care about the outside of the chain, the chain in some sites is less thousands, more than 10000, I have seen hundreds of thousands of fighting, this is clear before making changes in love affairs in Shanghai, want to delete late. It is such a tool launched refused to link webmaster of the gospel, to a certain extent, reduce the influence caused by the chain of the site.

refused to link new features will be like this, although there is online, but I love Shanghai fighting according to schedule, that this month will launch the official version, then everyone will experience. On the launch of this new tool, it can produce what kind of impact on Shanghai Longfeng, refused to link tools can bring what Shanghai dragon? More than fighting according to personal experience, here a little analysis, is full of individual words, wrong, but also look.


suddenly found love, Shanghai Webmaster Platform released a new announcement "to the chain tool beta version beta announcement", suddenly become the focus of the group in various industries, about this tool, more than the bucket was the first time I heard that love Shanghai’s official explanation is: if you find the number of links pointing to your site of low quality, such as false link spam is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool. Obviously, is a tool for Shanghai dragon.

do you want to

, a Shanghai Longfeng a chance

but I wonder why some fighting, this button will appear behind the domain, and some domain does not appear, it seems that this function is not perfect. In addition, if you want to reject the link after delivery is the need to review, during the audit is not check this link.

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