Something that links to buy buy links need to pay attention to

3: the chain greater than or equal to 1000, the chain the more the better.

2: a collection of more than or equal to 200 sites, included the more the better.

1: a new snapshot (within 3 days) of the website snapshot as close as possible.

7: high performance website, the website is better data, more expensive, if the data in general, cheap buy links will be popular, if the data is good, the price is generally, also has been favored.

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, a link on the black hat white hat

6: love Shanghai weight site, the higher the high.

is the most popular website links, is nothing more than less data, generally as follows.

5: Google PR, PR about the better.

second, love Shanghai how to say, how to do, can be seen, in fact there is no way to identify the love of Shanghai for the sale of links, certainly not only love Shanghai, the world’s largest search engine Google is only the third party punishment link trading site, which is from Shanghai love processing method for the sale of links can be seen, is nothing more than advice, threat supplement, action wood, an action, 100% injured. So the sale of links, as long as the attention point is generally harmless. But buying links for keywords ranking promotion effect is remarkable.

In fact, since the

to talk about their own situation, at the beginning of July to present the medical company website optimization work, the so-called health, we have to understand that the manager also don’t understand website optimization, of course, she did not need to understand her, if you understand, that I should do what, because the company’s website too many people too little, so need to buy part of the link, and this one is in charge of me. Here today will talk with you from the beginning of the July to the present, I have to buy something that links.

two, what kind of links to the most popular

contact Shanghai dragon, teacher has repeatedly stressed that to avoid the black hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon and white hat to do, there is no doubt that link is a black hat belonging to Shanghai dragon, so is it because link belongs to the black hat, I do not do it? Of course not. In 1960s Chinese, a great man said: "whether black or white, can catch mice is a good cat and my view, and the great man’s view is very consistent, of course, may also have friends that I interpret out of context, I think this case still depends on the circumstances. The medical industry is no doubt for this sentence, it is K station, is a domain name back to, anyway, the medical industry is the main source of customers love Shanghai auction. The so-called shot for a place, I think it is very suitable for the medical industry.

4: less than 60 of the export, export less.

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