To talk about the web page optimization techniques

The influence of The

, a page title (Title)

title is a very important factor in web page optimization. The title displayed on the top of the browser, but also in the search engine results is displayed at the top of the title. The title is the best place to put the key words, the title of the method must be concise, clear, and each page titles are not as like as two peas. For example, my client’s website home page headline: "professional cleaning engineering, central air-conditioning engineering and installation of mechanical and electrical engineering services – Dongguan Dongxin purification Engineering Co., Ltd, please note that the combination of the title will generally contain the main keywords. So, when someone searches for decontamination, purification engineering, Dongguan purification engineering company can see your website the related keywords, keyword optimization is mainly because I decontamination, so other central air conditioning engineering and installation of mechanical and electrical engineering which is now ranked two, URL

Description in the head tag, but in the search engine results are displayed in the title below, is for the current page described here can contain your keywords, but must be smooth and not a pile. For example, my client’s website is: "Dongxin purification Engineering Co Ltd to undertake professional cleaning engineering, central air-conditioning engineering and mechanical and electrical installation project. Provide purification engineering design, construction, commissioning, testing and maintenance services. Welcome to have the purification engineering related needs of customers to inquire: 13316603092". But it should be noted that different Description on every page of your description, now the mainstream CMS system also can do that.

website now generally use the CMS system, the previous CMS system to generate web sites generally is dynamic, so that not only are not friendly to search engines, but also increase the load on the server. Now most of the CMS systems are provided to generate static HTML function, can be said to the generation of web search engines are relatively good. But we should allow the web address generation and brief words, so, for the search engines, the ranking will be higher, such as 贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon /211.html, the web address such as brief, but with a keyword description, but also for the user experience is good, others see that is about Shanghai Longfeng paper. Now is to promote the name of the directory with Pinyin for the search engine is very friendly.

site in the search engine results in the performance of many important factors! Today we talk about web page optimization, page optimization includes the following factors: Title, URL, Meta, Description element Title Description, code structure and ALT properties of the image, website content.


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three, Description

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