The success of Shanghai dragon er must have the skills

four, also need communication skills.

Shanghai Longfeng line in such a word "content is king, the chain for emperor", our deep view, is the high quality of the chain from the same article, it requires that we must master the ability to write. A good article will make your site to get the search engine friendly, a good chain of soft, can let you get a lot of reprint, get a lot of chain. Please remember, do not edit articles for the Shanghai dragon Er is not good Shanghai dragon er.

, a practical ability can not be less.

two, writing ability is very important.

when we see a lot of course, we have to do is to put these things inside the tutorial to test through practice, so we must master a practice. You must remember that when we see some points, or method, the first time we should want to do is have the effect, the effect is good? Then it should be carried out in practice, only practice can be a truth, so the practice ability is indispensable, remember, Shanghai dragon is not empty talk.


Shanghai dragon is not easy, if you want to optimize a few days to go to the home page, on the first, then I suggest you buy it or love Shanghai. Do Shanghai dragon, want to get good keywords ranking, at least one or two months, more than half a year, even if you insist on these days the patient did not, then I suggest you give up study in Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon and finally engage in target acquisition or long tail keywords, keyword ranking, even after a lot of long tail keywords need to be optimized, if 35 months could not hold, so the long tail keywords to optimize the follow-up without hope.

three, persevere in patience.


a lot of people think Shanghai is boring hair dragon articles, send the chain, do not go out, just like a Indoorsman like a house every day on the line. In fact, this idea is wrong, the search engine is changing every day, Shanghai Dragon technology progress every day, if you will only work hard, do not communicate with peers, so your technique will stagnate, what is success. Are you as a Shanghai dragon Er, you need to exchange Links, need to communicate with the client program, and to discuss the project; if your communication skills is poor, others will not cooperate with you. < >

now is not what Shanghai Longfeng unique secret, but not what mysterious thing, Shanghai dragon tutorial everywhere. But not to say that you look at these tutorials, you are a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, not to mention the success of the Shanghai dragon er. How to become a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, we need to know what skills?

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