Yue Huai Shanghai Dragon four steps on optimizing website

The first step of

the second step: to optimize the internal structure of the site; optimize internal structure is from many aspects, first, the web page code to be clear and concise. The code is too much, will lead to the page size is too large, affecting the spider, and the best to get the important code on the front, grab a spider web, from the first love to search, put in front of the main content can be grabbed; second, page flash. Less as far as possible, love Shanghai spider will not crawl flash picture; third, first new sites, as far as possible the use of pseudo static form of URL, which can reflect the web structure, easy to search engine included; fourth, the anchor text to reasonable distribution, not all is the main keywords, and then link to the home page, should be appropriate to add some long tail keywords links to pages; fifth, website not Easily do 301 redirection jump, because the search engines are more sensitive to these steering; sixth, internal links to smooth, smooth link let the spider more love, it will often come naturally included and weight will be to increase.

third step: high quality original chain; the ultimate goal of the website optimization is website ranking, the chain is one way to get important ranking. The chain is quality rather than quantity, some people every day buried hair outside the chain, ranking is not up. If you do a lot of "junk chain", still do not do. The search engine algorithm constantly updated, only good content, high quality original content. "

: the correct analysis and layout good keywords; keywords is an important factor in determining a website ranking. It is composed of the main keywords and long tail keywords, which can bring traffic to the site. In fact, the choice of keywords is not blind choice, according to analysis and experience to determine the owners for many years, we can find the competitors in the same industry website, see they use what keywords, get some inspiration; also can use some automatic keyword analysis tool to automatically give us a choice, and then filtered flow the amount of competition, search volume is high, medium, and high conversion words we can keep, find those who meet the needs of users with the value of the word is the key words we want. The distribution of key words is very important, key words will lead to more density is too large, so that the spider will think you this is cheating. There is a good distribution of key position, the spider love from top to bottom, from left to right to grab. These places are good keywords, the spider will crawl to the main contents of our website.

now do Shanghai dragon are more and more people, for the novice webmaster, site optimization in their view is the title, description, send the chain, actually this is only the most basic steps of website optimization. So how can we avoid the website optimization Website optimization is insufficient or excessive phenomenon, what is the optimal site reasonable. Today, Yue Huai marketing (www.yuehuai贵族宝贝) and to explore together the four steps to optimize the site:

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