What are the web site optimization techniques B2B

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4, B2B creative

B2B class website links spread ability may not be so strong, because not every B2B site can be like a Alibaba that Ma Yun (Ma Yunyi speak, link rolling to the figure like) that is a good link bait. So, with second points suggested in this article, consider adding a blog platform or information platform.

large websites need to do a lot of research and analysis of keyword ranking keywords, many large B2B site has hundreds of millions, so huge long tail keywords in the implementation of the strategy, there will be a great advantage. Keywords for marketing is a method of search engine marketing is indispensable, is the key to ensure the diversification of search engine keyword marketing success. Because some users may be with other keywords to search the related product information in the purchase stage, when he entered the determined products to buy, and to search for other keywords. Such diverse keywords must be rich, but for these keywords must do the content construction and rich link building.


B2B sites often have information for such a huge information, the search engine index is a great job. If the enormous information to improve your search engine, we must ensure that there is a good website structure, internal links should be very smooth. This is a very high requirement for Shanghai dragon, usually not experienced Shanghai dragon can not from the overall situation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.


keyword phrases

with foreign B2B kind of site on the contrary, the domestic B2B websites focus is focused on product information content, and ignore the content. Smart Shanghai dragon suggests that this type of website can focus on the development of the original article, to increase the weight of the website.

In fact,

, for B2B sites, most of the content is for the product information. The B2B class website, can provide more information about the class of their own websites, which enhance the user trust on the website. To observe the foreign B2B site, the site most related blog and very high quality articles.


as everyone knows, no matter what the primary marketing task industries or enterprises in the network have to show the company’s search engine marketing. But in the B2B site of the Shanghai dragon and the promotion of PPC than the B2C site users gather different. B2B site search engine marketing, focusing on the content of the website, and the key lies in building links and other details.

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