The title of the website ranking optimization direct access to secret weapon


: starting from the perspective of what search keywords

3 site title keywords to reasonable layout (customer demand of the words in front of the competition of words on the front, because the search engine provides more love Shanghai in front of the keyword weight will be higher.

1, Shanghai dragon optimization personnel should stand in the user’s point of view to select the site title. Not the company itself, and not the industry itself, but the user (user), standing on the perspective of the user needs to consider.

in the eyes of many people, that is the best website keywords to write, do what you do can write what keywords is good, more people (especially the boss) that the website title is of course to write the name of the company, said the eight week here, is that this idea is completely mistaken, the reason is very simple, when you don’t know what the user name you call the company, he will go to search for the name of your company? Write industry keywords is also very important, like our socks wholesale website, the author took over the site before the title is "professional manufacturers of socks, stockings fashion Leggings socks wholesale distribution, Chengzhao shop agent", this website title although contains industry keywords, but obviously there are redundant content, looked very professional. The author took over the title will be changed to: "fashion stockings _ Leggings socks wholesale price _ _ Taobao agent _ in apparel". Remove the excess unnecessary words, to achieve the greatest degree of streamlining the title, from the user’s point of view to determine the needs of keywords, allowing users to see what your site is to do what business, simple, and can easily remember the name of your company (as in dress).

two: Title keywords right number

are often some of the words in the search in the sea, in many sites, most of the web site title a long string, some even more than 100 words. Here I want to say, this is the site optimization >

site title does not need words without meaning excess (such as: professional, best recruitment, etc.)

week just contact Shanghai Longfeng, hear the most is "content is king, the chain for emperor", has proved this is not true, but I think this is not the week eight of the most important. Every week eight think we need to do is to optimize the site title, the title is definitely a priority among priorities, only determine the most accurate the most concise title, so that we can achieve a multiplier effect optimization in the future. I recently had changed a new title, keywords ranking directly on the Shanghai love home, three days up to second Shanghai love experience, here, eight weeks in a wholesale website just took (in costume) as an example, Share Website Title Optimization effect, make the site keywords directly get the secret weapon rank.

The position of the When the eight )

it can be seen that the determination of the title of the website should have the following conditions:

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