The scientific and reasonable site optimization is the kingly way

we all know that a website is a web page through the complex hyperlink composition, this composition process of our site to do the site structure clear, site navigation links must be scientific and reasonable. We want to do a tree imaging complex website and web. As the tree refers to the home page, column page, page list, terminal page site like a tree trunk, branches, branches, leaves have a strong sense of belonging, hierarchy, let the spider can from the site of the trunk through the tree branches, and eventually climbed to the leaves, that is we the site a terminal page. The website spider is to users through any one page of the website can return to the front page of the site, like a spider web like freely. This is scientific and reasonable to consider the search engine and user experience.

search engine is accessed through URL’s website is a website in the root directory from the site of the entrance, and then started to grab web content, which requires all the document root directory of a web site under the file must have reasonable structure, each section of the web site to become a independent file, if to a like to be placed in the root directory of the web site of this song is a very bad habit of search engine, will make search engines crawl the site’s speed is greatly reduced, the speed of impact site. At the same time, the root directory of the web site in the out of order arrangement will greatly weaken the weight of the site of the column page.

Most of the webmaster optimization of

science, we should do the following:

The optimal site of

3 site layout

we give website optimization website keyword is very heavy.

We all know that

we all know website optimization "content is king of the truth", in fact this is not a personal invention, this is a scientific analysis of the search engine’s preferences and the conclusion. We all know that a high quality of the original web search engine is by love, we are the content of the web site optimization to achieve scientific and reasonable update web content. We can make the page to add a comment, hot news and so on, let the web content to always maintain a high quality of freshness, this website rankings can be on the upgrade. And remember the original content website update is a long-term task. We should adhere to, be able to endure loneliness.

a website will say I just put the site up on it. But to the site optimization is not the simple website rankings do go up, we must from the optimization of the site should be complete. We have to analyze how to carry out scientific search engine ranking principle for various data website, your site analysis fully, achieve reasonable let search engine to maximize as much as possible to website content is the ultimate goal. The only way we can achieve maximum benefits to site transformation and enhance the site’s brand value.

1, the reasonable structure of the site


2, the content of the website

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