How to build a website professional movie website

two, select and edit

1, Marx film program has several years of history, is the industry leader, but also the function perfect, fewer loopholes, better performance, more

is now the movie website has innumerable, I believe that a large part of owners have tried to make the movie station, but doing well the station does not see more, it is now doing the movie stand no chance? I think there’s still a chance, mainly to see how you go, the business operation. Looking at the current form, the biggest problem is the content of the same and the sameness of the template, love Shanghai has not favored no original website, so seize this point to think is how to create a personalized movie a pressing matter of the moment to stand. And select the appropriate mode of operation with a good user experience, will you believe the movie talent shows itself. I will share the movie station network process and we hope to all the wise remark of an experienced person, webmaster friends help.

program is to determine the choice of the template, now there are many every kind of template, can be found on the official website. Most of the template are free, there are fees, in order to reduce the cost, generally choose a free template, but I think that is not desirable, to get their own movie station must be in the website style talent shows itself, to some work, and do not say completely on my own design template, modify the template to at least appropriate for for. It is important to choose a template, the template can improve the user experience can also enhance the spider’s favor, why not? After several twists and turns, the author chose a rare template, the template is simple, the atmosphere is more suitable for me, and then began my template modification of the road.


2, many stations are based on her website;

, a web site selection program for

templatesAfter the

3, she is the development of the ASP, you can select the SQLSERVER database, the author is a technical background, has a special liking for the Microsoft thing.

first please help design LOGO free acquaintances and the overall style of the modification, hey, not the resources of friends can go to a task on the pig, or very cheap. Then modify the template file, including enhanced CSS style modification, head and tail modification, content layout, search function (including support query), increase by two level navigation column and special page settings, layout optimization, the removal of advertising and so on, – >

want to make the movie station must first select a CMS, of course, you can also develop their own, in order to save costs, I believe that most owners are using ISM, now there are many free movie program, such as Marx CMS, CMS, CMS light, and more choices, depending on their circumstances, the author of the film the station is Marx, she was chosen to have the following reasons:

4, the author has its own server environment is the platform for Microsoft, Marx CMS.

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