n enterprise website conversion rate promotion strategy of Shanghai Dragon

Enterprise Station product pages, many product pages, each product page can be transformed into a page, a corporate website will not separate only one product in the product, then we can set some page layout conversion elements, such as on the bottom of the product add online consultation, contact customer service etc.. Only there are many marketing conversion page, we put this way is called decentralized marketing.

: the first decentralized marketing

second: centralized marketing

different sites can layout into different marketing modes according to your industry’s products and services, so we solve the transformation of ideas where? We should have a scientific process, can pay attention to the following 3 points:


2. users have to buy your product, your product introduction contrast contrast peer advantage, price, material, service life etc..

first, to consider the factors of users concerns

of course, it is not enough, we also need some elements in the page layout in marketing.

understanding of the decentralized marketing, focus on Marketing I believe we have the concept of. Is that some industry because of the special nature of the industry, on the site in a specially designed marketing page and website conversion in the layout of the chain is the guide to this page, this is the so-called centralized marketing.

3. why users will immediately buy your product, you can immediately buy products what are the benefits of using user petty psychological, do some exercise, discount, prompting users to buy.

For example,

website conversion rate relates to your marketing layout, and different sites can be divided into two kinds of marketing methods.

consider what users care about what content, such as beauty salon training school, although the students come to school, but the site location is certainly for parents, parents worry is the school authority, the school which, after learning the child can not find a good job, there is no case, these factors will take into account the user the first we have to consider. Only the first factor to consider the concerns of users, in order to achieve a better user experience. A very good website > user experience

1. is the product of your website to tell the user the user needs, the user can obtain what you buy products.

Shanghai dragon that is optimization of network marketing a promotion, so do Shanghai dragon must know some knowledge about network marketing, combined with network marketing strategies to boost your web traffic to your website to introduce a large number of accurate flow, see clearly, is the accurate flow. Only standing in the search engine’s point of view to solve the problem of users, website ranking can quickly enhance. Well, don’t pull the relationship between the two, explain the site conversion rate problem.

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