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the day before yesterday to share with you about love Shanghai query of the chain of "love Shanghai domain accuracy", which referred to as domain, love Shanghai inaccuracy, many webmaster used methods to query the chain of YAHOO, but in November last year, YAHOO has closed chain query function, many webmaster at a loss. There is a saying "when God closed all the doors, will leave window for you, indeed, in the YAHOO shut down the chain the higher accuracy of the query function, but open the chain search query functions, for the majority of the Shanghai dragon Er provides a convenient. Today I love Shanghai for the chain of domain query link soso analysis query function.

so, why search link can provide the chain to us so accurate query results? The author thinks that it is good because the search search engine is not so strong, if you love Shanghai do is "full", "designed to do is soso". Search search engine platform to adopt a "accurate parallel search" (the author’s definition, its search results) is to query based on your input words, like love like Shanghai to assign keywords severity of various levels, for each keyword to search is also important, you enter a word, soso search is the result of a sentence.

respects the results reproduced retain the source www.muguayu贵族宝贝, papaya fish off Shanghai dragon Taobao webmaster

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, search the link chain query function less than YAHOO but, as the domestic search engine, is worthy of praise, compared to love Shanghai "fuzzy domain results", is soso accurate, according to my sample chain several web query, accuracy you close to 90%, only this time with YAHOO, but after YAHOO closed the chain query function, Shanghai dragon Er choice.

said this may be a bit abstract, I for example. Taobao guest webmaster all know, there are two types of Taobao off site, one is equivalent to a small taobao贵族宝贝, what products are relatively complete product line, it is like the principle of love Shanghai engine, the other is a single page of Taobao guest website, make the product more specific, such as my guest "Taobao Moisturizing Mask" www.iwo123贵族宝贝 is a single page, it’s like search engine. Therefore, the search engine search and query principle is equivalent to the long tail keywords we said, direct definition included, direct extraction of query, hierarchical.

Although the accuracy of

the above principle and based on the viewpoint of papaya fish suggest the webmaster when query site outside the chain, you can use the search function of the link query results as a reference, it should be pretty close.

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