8 the details determine success or failure to improve the site speed method

site statistics can effectively reflect the access, website, so this tool by the webmaster favorite, and when you open the page, you will often see the statistical code is placed in the content inside or div or Table tag. But when the calculator fails, the div or Table tag will be delayed for a period of time, resulting in the pages of the web site has not open, affect the site access speed. So we need to put the statistical code in the content, the bottom of the page, or directly to the div label hidden, so it won’t affect our website access speed.

three uses iframe embedded advertising code

four JS code package

with static content

two statistical code correctly placed

webmaster should clearly recognize that not only the content of the website and the construction of the chain will affect the weight and height of the web site, some small is also worthy of attention, such as user experience, such as the website speed, take the speed of the site, if the site a few minutes are not open, it will not only affect the users of the site experience, enthusiasm will be greatly discouraged spiders crawl the site, and if we want to establish a long-term website, must work harder on it.


JS the code itself resource occupied by the larger space, if you do not use the call way of sorting and packaging, but directly on the website source code, it will greatly increase the website’s source code set size, and because some anti-virus software will take JS code as a virus killing on the line, which makes the criminals to find a breakthrough attack the website, so JS code package is imperative. So in the establishment of the time, to.

Shanghai Longfeng a branch is a very important content optimization, pictures and the existence of FLASH is not easy to let the spider crawl the site, only to determine the image attributes and content through the Alt label. Besides a large number of pictures will delay the website loading speed. For FLASH elements more also should not be used, because the current owners more by CMS shared host, in this case, the FLASH loading speed will make you very tangled, unless you are an independent host. More importantly, the search engine does not included FLASH, do is white, so don’t order a little bit of user experience, put a lot of pictures and FLASH on the web page.

site is always to be profitable, advertising is an indispensable natural join. But another problem arises, advertising code will affect the page loading speed, so how to solve it? In this case, we should put the advertising code embedded inside 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ indirectly linked to the home page, and put all the advertising code on the new page on it.


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