Enterprise station Shanghai Longfeng Road Zoupian Jian Feng inverse daoxing

frontsword is simply using a different new old method to solve the problem, in order to win. This paper is about to use some special and new methods, and even reverse thinking to operate the enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng, means "to fast, and to attack the main First impressions are strongest, inverse daoxing."


Objective: after 2 years, this article is the author of 28 published in the A5 "enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng Road: how to win" after the second articles about the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng paper. In this 2 years is also a lot of things happened, more than 360 new name search search, soso and Sogou marriage, but so far the search engine giant or we both love and hate love Shanghai, and focus on the enterprise website search in Shanghai, love 360, sogou.

do not blindly defend, attack is the best defense, this is the author of 6 years of professional experience in table tennis. More keyword rankings obtained from a variety of view, from the beginning to the end of 28 the favor from the competitors in the same industry websites.

China throughout much of the business site of Shanghai Longfeng, rarely have a large area of the long tail word ranking website, mainly to keep the web that several main keyword ranking. However, conservation is not easy, because there are many rivals in optimizing these words, such not only spent a lot of time and manpower, and these keywords ranking is not very good, but we finally became the key to the "slave".

So is the optimization of

to attack the main, to keep the slave

enterprise website, a key top is always the site, no matter how optimization are difficult to surpass them, why is this? Is the search engine spiders also have the awareness of people know the truth First impressions are strongest although not so mysterious?, but first do a great advantage on the ranking. Long time to occupy some fixed good rankings, but it is not easy to break.

since ancient times, all things are one in order of arrival. As we know N years ago "content is king, the chain for emperor", and then back and talked about the importance of user experience. But to give us the first impression in the mind has a dominant position, while the later is not easy to accept, so a few years ago or still have most of the webmaster think Shanghai dragon is the content of the hair of the chain, thereby creating a large number of the chain Master.

related articles, which contents are Shanghai Longfeng status of the 2012 corporate website do simple analysis, the main business website said that most of the homogenization of serious, poor experience, but as the main marketing type website website, for many enterprises Chinese improved network station, which faces especially that take on an altogether new aspect, the site of the company alone the design of the marketing website, but not a Shanghai dragon leap, and from the site to get the orders are more and more, do first to share more, this is also First impressions are strongest. These are proven facts.

in First impressions are strongest. At the beginning of the

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