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out of curiosity, Miss Yang opened the rm5gkzo6m.cn/ web site. The website really mentioned: "as long as the computer will be able to earn 200 yuan a day things."". Miss Yang began registering according to instructions and found it necessary to send text messages to confirm. She took the heart to consult colleagues about the publication of the information in the group. Not consulting, I do not know, a consulting scare, the original colleague did not release the news, he suspected that his number was stolen after the release.

spent 10 yuan, but cannot login

cheat to cheat, when it comes to deception, he cheated in the market is the method of tender, what is better to cheat and cheat? What website, just a little mind, one day to get a about one hundred thousand, but a few people are willing to do, a hand is really afraid of risk, on the other hand, everyone or conscience, you understand this lack of conscience, he may think, this mobile phone registration, a cheat then 35 dozen blocks, unlike what that once cheated thousands of dollars, there should be no matter what.

reporter experience

reporter opens rm5gkzo6m.cn/, discovery webpage is named "lead Linker", in the conspicuous position of the webpage, use distinctive font to say "exclusive advantage", bring you relaxed 200 yuan everyday". According to the instructions of the website, the reporter enters the name, the real name and his mobile phone number, and enters a new webpage, which reads "Congratulations, you will become one of us". Subsequently, the page allows the registrant to agree to a number of terms

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

, but let’s lie. Since hasn’t fallen behind, he seems to have done it in Jiangnan. He can’t find anything to make his fortune any longer. So he was too busy to give up ideas for everyone,;

recently, people miss yang to the newspaper report, the day before, a friend asked her to recommend a "guest Linker" site to make money. The website says, as long as typing, will use Word and other commonly used document processing software, online 3 to 5 hours a day, every day can easily earn 200 yuan. Miss Yang questioned whether this is another kind of new network scam,


‘s "Linker" web site claims that as long as typing, will use Word and other commonly used document processing software, online 3 to 5 hours a day, every day can easily earn 200 yuan.

speaking of understand ideas, just a word from A to Z, "cheat", from a variety of ways to hang , chat room, group hang , has been behind several generations of creative, not from a word "cheat", the use of color, cheat lady-killer registration. Although I myself think satyr is very hateful, but I think, is not hateful people, should go to cheat, it should hurt. In the mood for reason, this is impossible, but it seems that in the eyes of understanding, to cheat those satyr, cheat those ignorant people, is reasonable. Who let them color? You do not color is not on my when it is not, I will not be fooled by mobile phone registration, this is for their own deception to make excuses?. Find a quote for himself so he covered up his naked "everyone has a business was" not clean, do.

citizen questioned

        today see understand, actually published a book. This estimate will harm the novice is ready to pour a large number of wangzhuan. The 2 sentence: only bitter admonition no matter how good the money do not blandishments, the Internet, not so easy shortcut to make money. Use strength to make money, and try to do something useful to society to make money.      

  don’t just pull out your tuition. This makes a liar. Take a look at tieba.sh419/f, kw=%B6%AE%B6%AE%B4%B4%D2%E2 ,  


      I come from him. I made 1500 gave me a station. The promised day 50 now half a month every day a few quick money.. can kill me now. I don’t know how half knew deceived. Hope you focus on    

    Author: 222.134.96.* 

to someone you don’t become, you have to be careful. ?

– led Linker website homepage.


Miss Yang worked in a public institution in the city, the unit has a group, members of the group are colleagues, generally there is no fraud. Recently, the office at noon, most of my colleagues went to see her at home, a person familiar with the group in the unit colleagues released a message to say to you, "a way to make money, so long as a computer, a day can get 200 yuan." This colleague also released in the group, this website’s address is rm5gkzo6m.cn/.

day income 200 yuan?

the sky really will fall? "According to the instructions, the reporter real name and enter the name of your mobile phone number, registered as a member, then spent 10 yuan, mobile phone can receive two text messages, but can not login. Reporters on sh419 search, found a lot of complaints, "take customers Linker" post.

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