The classification of foreign Wangzhuan projectHow to create revenue website in a blink

China milepost 100 year history of the Olympic Games, to create a green Olympics, hi tech Olympics and Cultural Olympics three concepts, the International Olympic Committee’s Press Committee Chairman Gosper said the same day, the International Olympic Committee has reached an agreement with China to allow China during the Olympic Games in Beijing banned media access to some sensitive sites, so the crackdown on the site. In view of the extraordinary period, in order to the vital interests of the majority of the webmaster, to meet the supply needs of the majority of the webmaster, as the text messaging alliance teamed China Mobile, China Unicom launched the flagship antivirus products. In ensuring the Olympic Games, we integrated into the Olympic atmosphere, watching the wonderful competition, reflecting the high quality of the Chinese people, at the same time, our webmaster can also make modest efforts in the proper channels to support family life.

we divide the network into three stages, the first stage is the advertising alliance stage, and this is the second stage, that is, selling Chinese products to foreigners. Is looking for China characteristics of processing of brand-name underwear, and then find English speaking people to chat with foreigners, and bulk sales to foreigners, he said that if the products sell to foreigners, this is the most profitable one, foreigners are interested in China, on the other hand, it is a foreigner accustomed to online shopping. He’s a month in this way, a net profit of hundreds of thousands, mainly to take a walk than retail, he said retail wholesale also make money, this is also a method of a common earn foreign money, that is through the network trading platform to promote their own special products.

three, now every day, whether it is the amount of registration of individual users, or the number of smart webmaster registration is constantly rising

, P=337

Chinese agent, the most obvious example is that all spotted the webmaster this piece of the market, then the agent stops English version, then let stand on friends a month we put the nets to be broke, but quit the industry. In Chinese, the most obvious is shlf1314. Friends ask if there is a foreign union that is higher than shlf1314 or docked,

1, foreign projects, Chinese agents or Chinese version.

3, cheating


is now the US foreign Wangzhuan classification, a lot of friends including my own do not understand foreign Wangzhuan, what projects can be done? Here we simply say:

mature, perfect platform, win-win business philosophy, to provide you with a new starting point for entrepreneurship, so that you do not have any worries, online business start on the road. One step ahead to one upmanship!

1. Products are rich, diversified,

: http://s.lm.letv:9090/zlimon has made better decisions,

you might say, not to say the truth only in the hands of a few people, but there is a premise, that is in the hands of a few people know the market hand, I believe that our people here, most are not the kind of people, all the money in the hands of a few people, but are held in the smart capable hands, is not in our hands.

two, a strong backing of funds LETV announced a 50 million yuan investment

. They are now doing this class, this class is the premise to really need to understand foreign Wangzhuan and to have a circle of friends can operate, they introduce the experience for foreigners is the concept of cheating is not very strict, Chinese owners are good at putting machine tricky, so some of the foreign blog no longer China open, but we can do some foreign projects in some way. This is some >

four, the industry’s mobile, Unicom, the whole network of exclusive film and television, antivirus channel, registration will send 20 yuan, High Commission antivirus 10 yuan, monthly pay 5 yuan; video 30 yuan monthly pay 9 yuan, big money returns, you still hesitate

the answer is very few, almost no, because the laws of the market is as long as the profits exist where everyone is rushing the place, we would never say there is profit, but not to go, where to shlf1314, in the market, there is no eternal customer that said, only eternal interests, the interests of and we went, the public choice is the best, we are currently doing shlf1314, indicates that the relative other Union, it still has obvious advantages, because the majority of owners, including Sina, 163 in shlf1314 on advertising.



six, perfect payment system, daily settlement, without deduction of fee and income tax, make payment more convenient and quick

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