A new way for single page Taobao customersEarnings outlook nternet giant harvest flow era has come

recently, a large number of Internet Co out of earnings, from the data behind, we also try to find some industry trends, seize the change. After all, the data itself is lagging behind, more verification before the point of view, and the trend of the whole Internet era is what we want to grasp. We try to dismantle trends by showing off from several large Internet Co.

in fact, the direct is to continue to the long tail keywords for more depth of excavation, in addition to horizontal excavation series products, but also the vertical excavation of a single product, a single brand, a single shop. From API to promote a single series of products, and then to a single product development, but also just in line with the Internet segmentation market trends. So we do Taobao customers, do not always worry that Taobao has become the Red Sea, in fact, the end of the Red Sea is also the beginning of blue ocean.

more and more electricity supplier platform on behalf of the company Ali, Jingdong

that’s why micro-blog’s performance has been strong for the past year. We see the latest three quarterly, micro-blog revenue 176 million 900 thousand, an increase of 42%, of which advertising revenue of 156 million, an increase of 48%, profits grew 122% to $32 million 100 thousand. Daily active users 132 million, an increase of 32%. Whether it’s revenue, profits, numbers of users, micro-blog is in full swing.

crisis is always accompanied by opportunities to promote the development of single products, the birth of a large number of long tail keywords single product, such as the "s" "LVSHOU" and "Spirulina diet" and other popular single product, I believe that this is a new way. In fact, this can continue to extend to a "single shop", "single seller" promotion. For example, the promotion of brand businesses, or crown hot shops, are good choices.

Abstract: the electricity supplier industry in the past year there has been a relatively large differentiation, two market Ali, and even Jingdong performance is relatively strong, while the primary market has died a large number of vertical electricity supplier. The pattern of hand travel industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past few years, and this change is based on the end of the flow bonus.

single page model is the combination of long tail keywords and top-level domain name, in which the choice of long tail keywords can be said to be the essence of it, you can say that the election of the long tail keyword successfully 80%. So, in order to find a new way and opportunity in a single page Taobao model, you need to write in the "long tail keywords".

traffic costs are getting higher and higher, bringing content bonuses on behalf of the company: micro-blog

revenue 34 billion 300 million, an increase of 55%, adjusted profit 13 billion 900 million, an increase of

Taobao money off now Amoy money mode is like a raging fire, in mature and developing continuously, familiar with Taobao customers should be on the single page mode is not strange, because of the numerous advantages of single page, resulting in many Taobao customers.

electricity supplier industry in the past year there has been a relatively large differentiation, Ali two markets, and even Jingdong performance is relatively strong, while the primary market has died a large number of vertical electricity supplier. Before discussing this issue, we will continue to show the latest results of Ali and Jingdong.

mobile Internet first wave of traffic bonus has ended, the new flow bonus in the hands of high-quality content. This is why we see more "community electricity supplier", to groups as an entrance. That’s why people are more willing to buy books at the think platform, because you’ve helped me to screen and provide good content. Content bonuses actually continue, but in a different form, from text to pictures, videos and other patterns. And micro-blog, due to a large number of high-quality content, combined with Ali’s commercial ability, has become the best realization platform content flow.


on the surface, we find that the content of micro-blog has changed. From the last 140 words, to later pictures, to today’s live broadcast. But in essence, micro-blog’s content as a bonus platform has not changed, or even more consolidated over the past year. This is why, in the cold winter of capital, we see the best performance or content bonus enterprises. Two tier markets micro-blog, the primary market thinking, such as headlines today.

now mainstream "long tail keywords", mainly directed at a single series of products, such as competition more intense weight loss series, freckle series, whitening series, etc.. However, these high commission products have also been faced with long tail keywords drying up, which requires us to continue to develop new high commission products, or looking for new long tail keywords.



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