Common problems and matters needing attention of the Wangzhuan noviceMy opinion about shlf1314 Adsen

The simple thing,

4, more money than not. looking at personal financial ability

      2.: about that shielding, say "

      for example: the supply of mobile phone of the two words on this website, the price of mobile phone is very high, but the supply is a common word, put four or five mobile phone advertising, began to cast with supply, advertising, you will think: how could buy mobile phone advertising is only four or five? A: Yes, but GG doesn’t put all the ads on one page. Otherwise, if you always sell high priced ads, you don’t have the chance to buy an ordinary word, so what do you mean by buying an ordinary word? Another Adword has a feature that can set your day’s advertising costs within hours, too

      note: This article was originally in the original episode I left behind, hard typing so many words, not even outdated, so the original retransmission behind third additional recently thought out, please take a look is not very bad??

      according to the first said, the first advertisement has single current page , the height of text advertising, advertising display of second single , moderate AD, or because the contents of the text in the current page, second yuan has been basically looking for advertising not to match ads, then of course to put ads, low that is, those common general words do Adword know these words, you can set a minimum of 0.08 yuan. So even if you block the site, there may be a similar advertising on the next site.

      this one confirms that Note: there are some differences between using the table and the DIV in the two cases.


next to novice friends to remind:


2, to continue to explore the spirit of learning no matter what need this spirit, is very familiar with and master the Wangzhuan must have "skills" and "tools", summed up in continuous learning, what kind of model is suitable for their own wangzhuan.

4, there are two very important points, the first point is the "good faith" ignore no good guy, just remember the old saying "good good". The second point is "insist", which is what I write in the article, I would like to instill the point of view, no matter what to insist, laughing, the final must be you.

6, broaden your horizons can let oneself become a "frogs" the Internet is a vast ocean of information network, let us learn more knowledge, make a lot of friends, let us broaden our horizons, so it can better develop your online resources. Why not,

1, illegal, not done. this is for sure, I agree with both hands

2, without entity, not doing. I think not necessarily, if you have the ability to distinguish between true and false, you can try

1, regardless of your original do similar projects must first find out whether the project can bring you income, wealth source Wangzhuan where it is for everyone to do the fundamental and basic cause of the network to make money.

3, you pick your project needs to have the ability to identify true and false information, a lot of friends began to be earning tens or hundreds of projects to confuse, firstly, there is no free lunch, what are the same, but a liar too know that truth, often cheated by friends is because of this sentence. The feasibility of making a day is not without, but as a novice, this may be relatively small, but the most important thing is that you have the ability to distinguish between true and false.

6, day package earn 100 yuan do not do. confirmed on the home can earn, nor can not do


      very much about shlf1314 Adsense what optimization before the Internet ah, increase the unit price, price term shield like the article, not repeat here, just write your own understanding that different places.

5, more people are on the same starting line, regardless of the level of education, the size of the power, how much money. Everyone has the same chance of success, no need to sigh, "heroes are useless."".

7, superior, inexperienced, No.

says, is that you need to be diligent, and that you may have been successful while you’re resting or slacking, so diligence is an integral part of it.

3, free of charge. of course, there are also many free ones that can be done, so that the only way to avoid many cheaters is not to be a liar.

5, non Japanese knot is not done. for domestic voting, posting, etc.

      1.. Whether you fit on one page the number of ad units, GG are high words on the front page, the normal loading is from top to bottom, from left to right order loading, GG advertising is also according to this order, on the top or the most the left side the same screen than should be placed below or on the right side of the advertisement, note: This refers to the GG code in the source code, if you use inner.html or GG code in the bottom of the page, unless using the framework calls, is in JS format, call the GG code is not affected.

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