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first, if you really are doing a catering business, you must first do this thing well, otherwise, the more famous, open shop, the faster the death.

experienced a few years of madness, SP era finally drifting away, who provides the first pot of gold for individual Adsense?

I alliance contact time is not long, but it is also engaged in the Internet for a long time, a personal webmaster. Through six months of cooperation with various types of alliances, and finally some understanding, and hope to share with you.


the beginning of this article, there may be part of the webmaster have the answer, yes, exactly is the search engine alliance, specifically sh419, Adsense, and shlf1314 to promote the theme of the Yahoo bid currently money effect still need further research, but the personal feeling from the layout of Yahoo, should be worth following up

Some may say this

The stability analysis of this cooperation

A, if you have a certain amount of access and content, natural income is considerable, temporarily unhappy as far as possible through reasonable optimization, do not go astray, because of the small absolute loss.

pure "Internet gourmet" walk not far,

blue venture partners Chen Weiguang:

entrepreneur & I dark horse to join hands with investors, entrepreneurs together for entrepreneurs to interpret the 2017 industry development password.

second, the traditional enterprise is not a problem, the question is whether to have a good profit model. The single mode is not profitable, the problem is not solved, whether it is single, straight to join, will have problems.

third, after a good model, but also really do products, brands. If it is brewing in the past few years, then next year, the era of catering brand will really come, but will become more differentiated.

I think 2017 needs to keep pace with the times, especially these points:

, the spring of enterprise services, has arrived,

2017 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The competition of the Internet has entered the stage of heavy operation, and under the rising company’s territory, the path of acquiring new companies has become difficult. Community, live broadcast and so on become their important flow obtain channel.

SaaS also began to focus on offline management. Does this mean that, for enterprises, the development of many years of online, offline, has become a new battlefield of Internet companies?

chances are still there. It’s only heavier and more vertical than before. Even the Internet "transformation" is not deep in the entertainment industry, there has been such a change, the content will be further subdivided, more accurate, to serve a certain group.

AI continues to develop, and it seems an indisputable fact that robots will replace mechanical, stylized work. But when will this scene come true, and what industries are the first to be affected?

restaurant industry in the past two or three years, I understand the adjustment: a group of the original well-known enterprises in the reduction of volume, including a high-profile Internet Co.

Hony investment chairman Wang Xiaolong:

, three or four years ago, everyone was talking about investing in business services, and we felt that the spring of enterprise services might come in 2017. In the SaaS segments, we are more optimistic about helping companies manage offline and online businesses. Now the enterprise has not only on the line, even millet line shop, Wang Jianlin also in line. So go to the management of online and offline business through a more efficient system, the integration of online and offline, to ensure the flow of data, may be a great demand, we will put some specialized in the enterprise.

tongue is busy, founder Wang Xue:

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