Network network from the 27 day to terminate the listing of the new board will transferee shareholde

July 26th, Beijing network network e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd 838890 network network announced that the company stock since July 27th on the National SME share transfer system to terminate the listing.

, one of the famous director Zheng Xiaolong is also the network network of the shareholders, the shareholding ratio of about 2.88%.

network network from the new board retreat early notice, in April this year, network network 838890 announced that, according to the company’s strategic development needs, promote the long-term development of the company, Beijing network network Agel Ecommerce Ltd intends to apply for the termination of the listing on the National SME share transfer system.

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network network from the listing to the delisting, only a short period of 11 months, but since May this year, network network began suspended the transfer of shares, and has not yet been released 2016 annual report.

business information display, network network was established in October 2011, August 24, 2016, net wine network listed on the new board.

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network network is one of music’s company, the controlling shareholder is LETV Holdings Beijing Co. Ltd., the actual control of man-made LETV holdings chairman Jia Yueting, as of last year’s data, as the holding stake of about 50.35% on the network network.

funding crisis, the music company’s adjustment is also continuing.

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according to the time of the announcement, the controlling shareholder LETV Network Network Holdings has issued a written commitment to network network after the termination of the listing, as the holding will transfer all the shares held by the company shareholders.

network network network network 2016 semi annual report shows that last year 1 to June operating income was 150 million yuan, an increase of 394%, net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company for -4311 million.

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on the same day, the National SME share transfer system of limited liability company also issued "on the termination of Beijing network network e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd stock listing notice", decided in July 27th to terminate the listing network network.

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according to its public transfer instructions, network network is holding its music as a Wine three-dimensional vertical e-commerce integrated service provider, the main business is the vertical sales and service Wine, wine, beer and wine products.

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