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: you mentioned in the book that LoudCloud and Opsware are almost dead. Is that true,


the government investment has to pay piles of public bicycle as the main business, mainly covers the following three lines and the city and surrounding counties, townships, cities and counties from the following three lines and the proportion of total revenue reached 85%-90%.

system operation service revenue most, 2014 -2016 years to achieve 236 million yuan, 396 million yuan and 534 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of main business income of 62.08%, 63.92% and 68.92%; followed by the sale of public bicycle system business, nearly 3 years of income amounted to 144 million, 223 million and 239 million yuan, accounting for the company’s main business income ratio respectively. As of 37.92%, 36.08% and 30.9%.

it is not a trip to Yongan in June 2015, it has been in the A shares listed on the attempt, but did not cause too much attention, in a shared Bicycle Concept popular now, second applications of IPO it attracted great attention. If this is successful, then it will be "shared bike first stock."".


‘s unexpected harvest was the birth of a new project from Opsware, Loudcloud, although the company has experienced many twists and turns, but eventually acquired by Hewlett-Packard Co, the price is $1 billion 650 million. Ben Horowitz in his new book recalled that after the completion of the acquisition, he did not feel relieved, but feel uncomfortable, unable to sleep, cry, and so on.

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According to the Yongan



Chinese March 24th evening, the Commission’s official website disclosure of information display, Yongan bicycle submitted IPO application to A shares, issued 24 million shares, accounting for the total share capital of 25%, par value of 1 yuan, listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, plans to raise 598 million yuan, for "technology R & D center construction project" and "supplementary public bicycle construction and operation of the operation of the project funds and repayment of bank borrowings".

Abstract: the v-mobile and ofo shared bicycle rise, the impact to Yongan for the main business. From its layout, Yongan still focus resources on a pile of bicycles. However, at the same time, the "no deposit" model is adopted in the no pile sharing bike business, and a small number of experiments are carried out.

a few years later, he and Marc Andreessen decided to do it again, so now Andreessen Horowitz venture capital company. In four years, they got a $2 billion 500 million fund and made many successful investments, including Groupon, Zynga, Instagram and so on. These companies have been successfully listed or bought at a high price. Now its start-up companies include: Airbnb, Box, Jawbone, and so on. Horowitz has also released blogs to share its own investment and entrepreneurial experience, and recently made a new book The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building A Business When There Answers Are No Easy. Recently, he also interviewed the media, sharing more subtle experiences, as follows:

prospectus, 2014 -2016 year the company achieved total revenue of 381 million yuan respectively, 620 million yuan and 774 million yuan, an increase of respectively 66.42%, 62.81% and 24.93%; net profit over the same period were 68 million, 93 million yuan and 117 million yuan, an increase of 90.3%, 28.17%, 28.38%.

in the prospectus, the Yongan public bicycle bicycle industry, divided into government pay investment pile public bicycle system, business, and social capital investment, users pay no pile of public bicycle business in two modes.

Ben Horowitz: absolutely. Actually, when I went back to read, I felt the real situation was more difficult than what I had written in the book. I wanted IPO, and it was called IPO from hell.

: though it was difficult, you stuck to it and sold the company for more than $1 billion, which was your original design,


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titanium media note: SFC March 31st announcement, the main board will be issued on April 6th audit Changzhou Yongan public bicycle system Limited by Share Ltd first application.

has been a hard fought company CEO before the successful venture capitalist Ben Horowitz successfully created his venture capital firm. He was also the famous Marc and Andreessen together founded an early cloud computing company: Loudcloud, Marc Andreessen after the time in his Netscape Co sold to the United States online, but it is about 2000, the NASDAQ in the crash, affected by this Loudcloud is almost to bankruptcy. Obviously, it was impossible to get wind money, but Ben Horowitz was bold in his pursuit of IPO. His move was called "IPO from hell" by the industry".

The first IPO application,

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