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in my opinion, the domestic wave of entrepreneurship has never subsided, and it will not subside, and now the short silence is more like a calm period of consolidation.

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in fact, since the second half of 2015, the topic of entrepreneurship innovation has cooled down a lot. Compared to 2014 and even the first half of 2015 in full swing, whether it is entrepreneurs or investors, the industry also quiet a lot. Especially after the mobile Internet and O2O entrepreneurial wave together subsided, people are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the next venture tuyere. So, is it still a good time to start a business,

east to the scene to participate in listening to this ideological feast, some excerpts from the wonderful view and try to analyze the interpretation, hoping to inspire you.

whether it is for investors or for entrepreneurs, need to rethink the traditional industry business model innovation through the Internet business, how to through the technology innovation of science and technology entrepreneurship.


will be at the beginning of the listening session, Suning holdings chairman Zhang Jindong shows his views on the trend of entrepreneurship. He does not believe that the cold winter has begun, but that the people who really dream, the market is never missing opportunities, never missing the outlet.

in 2015, a lot of angel investment institutions had to adjust the investment direction, from the original investment O2O, Internet banking and other adjustments as the main investment of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, UAV and other high-tech products, and consumption upgrade services business opportunity, and this fact also confirms Zhang Jindong for the future a few years of entrepreneurial opportunity prophecy.


Zhang Jindong believes that now is the best business era, and pointed out three directions: high-tech and intelligent products; in combination with large consumption, service and the Internet; in the traditional industry from the Internet to Internet Plus + with three fields contains a large number of business opportunities.

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1, entrepreneurial opportunities: the greatest product of the future has not yet appeared

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is still not the best time for innovation and entrepreneurship,

April 6th, Suning invited Wired magazine founder and technology prophet Kevin Kelly in Nanjing held a "2016KK Zijin Mountain venture created to predict tinghui. Suning holdings chairman Zhang Jindong and Kevin • Kelly has delivered a speech, talk about entrepreneurial opportunities and innovative trends, dry full.

and Jindong is Kevin Kelly agree without prior without previous consultation, also believes that the entrepreneurial opportunity has been in the next twenty years, the greatest products not yet invented, now the business is not late, entrepreneurship has just arrived.

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