Nine wins GLOBE7 advertising adjustment please pay attention toWhat do you lack in Network Entrepre

five, lucrative

        GLOBE7 advertising from the download and installation and registration process to send mobile phone download and installation and registration, the new process is relatively simple, do not need to send mobile phone, advertising effect will be significantly improved, thus advertising prices have also been adjusted, the new process of advertising and advertising prices from the beginning of October 15, 2007, please see detailed in the code.

two, small

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three, personnel composition is simple, many entrepreneurs are starting from scratch, one person took all the duties. Because in the early days, basically a person can cope with it. There’s no need to worry about employee costs,

1, low cost

1. to use their own unique eyes to observe the network, looking for new profit points

, everybody:

tax system

four, the risk factor is low, even if the business failure, you do not have to fear. Because the initial investment is not high, the chances of turning over are great. Therefore, entrepreneurs can let go without fear of the consequences of failure and so on.

is now well developed in network communication. It can be said that as long as there is a broadband, you can solve most of the problems of your network communication, you can save a lot of telephone charges. At the same time, you don’t have to rent a facade room to pay expensive rent. In the early days of entrepreneurship, without formally registering a company. You don’t need to charge a big worry

if you are successful early in your career and go along the right path of development. Well, I congratulate you. You can shout, "my website is profitable."." However, you earned the first pot of gold, do not be proud. Don’t forget, the higher the man climbs. The more heavy you fall, the reminder that you must accurately grasp the market trends and competitors’ development trend at this time. Timely adjustment of development strategy. So you can laugh until the end.


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for network entrepreneurs, if not to carry out a large project. Not much money was needed at first. Maybe a computer, a ADSL virtual host, a little room, you can start. But it’s still a long way from success. Some might scoff at the lack of entrepreneurship. If you have very strong funds, very sharp thinking, very classic ideas. You can’t read what I wrote. But you don’t look down, we don’t talk about the relationship between cost and profit. You feel the cost is insignificant, so you feel less profitable. Well, I told you I was wrong this time. This traditional relationship between cost and profit does not work on the internet. Because you have overlooked a point, that is your own wisdom, this relatively more important position in the network of entrepreneurship. The Internet is definitely the best place for heroes to use their weapons. As long as you have the ability, then you have the hope of success.

perhaps you have seen the advantages of the above online business, you are now boiling blood, want to do a big job, the following to talk about the need for attention to Network Entrepreneurship:

is now developing with internet. After the "bubble era", the Internet economy is gradually moving towards its bright spring. Looking at one giant it giant on the web, you’re excited. Are you in a hurry? Are you making up your mind,


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online business is really a very attractive term. Because:

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