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note: when talking about the relationship between negative reviews and sales, most people should take it for granted that they are inverse relations. Wrong! This article takes you into the minds of strange buyers and lets you understand why people buy negative comments and buy peace of mind.



in the A stock market, AR concept plate also along with the rise, flush data show, GQY video, Hengxin mobile, good video, Austrian flying entertainment and other share prices have different range of growth.

Market: "the first explosion of AR was born in the game area,"

1. "notoriety" is also "famous"


dates back to 2008 – when I was still working for BigMachines the research and development of automated B2B software companies. That year’s annual customer conference was a new starting point, and the company decided to invite prospective customers to the convention. The resolution has been seriously questioned, and we have never had a precedent for inviting customers because some prospective clients may be dissatisfied with the product and then cancel their cooperation with the company.

in the United States, Pokemon Go Chinese called Pokemon Go launched 5 hours on the mobile phone game list, a week later, Nikkatsu users exceeded Twitter, user retention time is more than Facebook, created Mobile Games market legend.



in fact, before the Pokemon Go, AR technology has also been in other scenarios have small scale applications, but did not cause a strong market response.

Dongfeng, the market also came a lot of doubts, why AR content of the first burst of money will appear in the game field? What is the bottleneck of domestic AR entrepreneurship? Who will be the future AR and VR market mainstream

introduction: In conclusion, popularity and comment tone can deepen negative comments. So if startups with low popularity do not have to fear negative reviews, they may even consider making public opinion to promote their own development. After all, brand awareness is the premise of everything.

through the above two examples, it is not difficult to understand, in fact, AR is a kind of imaging technology and virtual reality, users can expand their real world through AR technology, directly see the real world invisible virtual objects or information.

AR technology emphasizes interaction with reality and applies scenes more widely than VR. Many investors and entrepreneurs believe that the first explosion of AR applications born in the game area is a necessity.


with Pokemon Go hot global, AR augmented reality concept in venture capital circles also continue to heat up, have greatly overshadowed the VR virtual reality trend.


finally, the decision was made and the company invited some prospective clients to the scene. It is not difficult to imagine that they point out the shortcomings of our products without mercy, and even raise some sharp questions in public forums. But the result is surprising – the prospective clients are now our users.

it really makes people surprised. After the surprise, we start with data, analysis of TripAdvisor, Yelp and Amazon and other reviews of the site’s impact on B2B. Take the Harvard Business School s Michael Luca, created in 2011, for example, and its earnings on the Yelp will increase by 5%-9% each time it scores a star. This comment is power! Some entrepreneurs keenly aware of comments on the impact of sales, so they forged their own or competitor comments; according to Luca and Boston of the University of Georgios Zervas published in 2013 the follow-up studies showed that in the catering industry, at least 16% businesses fake comments.

‘s falsification is not difficult to understand because some B2B companies are afraid of negative reviews. The company was forced to maintain a positive public image, under pressure from both inside and outside the firm. Although no research has shown the negative impact of negative reviews on B2B software companies, it is certain that negative comments can also be the company’s assets. For example, BigMachines’s annual customer conference, the customer learned the negative comments on the product, but placed trust and understanding of the company.

at the end of 2013, shlf1314 released the AR game Ingress, is the AR technology and combined with the game, game player launched a virtual war in the real world, the geographical position, based on the collected energy to buy weapons, in order to occupy the "entrance" expanding. By the beginning of 2015, Ingress had downloaded more than 4 million on the Android platform, and it was a good report card.

for Chinese, most should be on the 2013 Spring Festival evening stunning scenery and virtual scene dazzling impression, in fact many scenes, such as floating in the air, the twelve zodiac song "wind in the wheat" in wheat, hot balloons are realized through AR technology.

as the founder of Nintendo, burst games Pokemon Go and shlf1314 Niantic Labs is also a great harvest, the Nintendo Pokemon Go was released, shares soared about 75%, the market value soared to $12 billion.

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