Wangzhuan inside hot and common tricks secretHe lives in Ji Qi and talks about the trend of Avenir H

you see above the hook project earned 100 projects although the price to sell 88 a quick tutorial, not too much, the victim is to see the price is not expensive, even cheated nor the so-called psychological, but behind the biggest secret is

recently, Zhu Zhou space design founder and creative director Zhou Guangming hereinafter referred to as the "week" and China live Hotel Group founder Ji Qi hereinafter referred to as the "season" on the topic of Avenir Hotel launched a deep conversation. Ji Qi thinks, traditional star class hotel will die out gradually and evolve, these star class hotels cause enormous waste and low efficiency in space and manpower. The demise of the Tradition Hotel group, with the demise of the star hotel, will change regardless of the return, regardless of investment, regardless of the efficiency of the three management contract.


: Airbnb weeks after the trend, tourism seems not to live in a person’s home cannot experience what is called "life", the hotel group is from the beginning to sniff at later machine, pushing new products to competing, Hyatt recently launched a new brand Centric, launched by Carlson Radisson RED and Hilton Canopy, but I think the biggest impact is because of intelligent mobile phone and mobile phone with the popularity of App wave, sharing Airbnb to break the original booking experience, can help you quickly get more choice, taxi drops to solve the phenomenon of Uber during the peak period of difficult, "convenience" is the digital inside the world, nor the original mass >


trick two: often experts teach you free day earn 500


at the same time, in Ji Qi’s view, the Avenir Hotel should be: home as reliable and dependable, and the family can not experience life and lifestyle. He discusses and looks at the trends of Avenir Hotel and the future of the hotel industry from the aspects of architecture and facade, public area, small guest rooms, high technology, art and humanity.

analysis of deception: the so-called hook day to earn 100 of the project, is the brush flow, and then sold for alliance points, a day to sell more than 100 fast. Do you want that league, this SB?. However, this traffic alliance is a fraud alliance. When the victim when can brush to make money, a liar will K off the victim’s account, the victim asked what happened to come to a liar, liar will say that your site is 2 K corn alliance will start when the liar to the victims of a 2 grade corn, to pay 188 and then help you have a level 1 the corn and the site, can be a normal brush alliance, but the victims pay 188, directly pull the black

analysis of deception: the so-called s.s.c expert, is an agent of a constant color platform, platform will follow his membership in every color platform consumer how much there are about 10% of the Commission, so what they are experts in the promotion of efforts to bring you the day to earn 500. every color platform to make money, "experts" to make money so, the ultimate victims is playing s.s.c gambling, some s.s.c agents earn HeiXinQian, called members of mad money, finally make the "experts", lose the member, they directly put you out of T group after losing


shlf1314 on the most common of a trick, we see free training, guidance operations, the project operating income will be at least 3000 yuan or more is

scam one: Hang day earn 100 project

Hotel disappears. Airbnb alone,


weeks: due to the impact of globalization, the popularity of the Internet, information dissemination speed is very fast, just the end of the spring is known as the United States NFL NFL Super Bowl Super Bowl, opening night Lady Gaga cool show immediately in the major social networking sites even washed version, while back Faye Wong after many years comeback singing "magic music a" in addition to the high quality live, with the most popular VR technology allows you to experience immersive scene. "Technology", "sense of the future", these words and techniques appear increasingly in our lives, in addition to convenience, but also brings many experiences that we can not imagine before.


networks offer endless ways to make money,. I believe everyone has played some games, games, you have been cheated by others what equipment, money. As Wangzhuan game, where there was a trick, when many novice just beginners have been fooled, but after the irreparable loss. The report without the door, only dumb are suffering. To lose money on the network and confidence, today’s article, let me analyse a forum inside advertising scam: a role for everyone!

global information


season: founded 9 years ago, Airbnb came out, the private market valuations soaring, more than all the hotel group, and these hotels are good for dozens of years, even a hundred years of development it is today, a private equity fund to invest in good writings make people copy them., Airbnb, start-up companies have been advertised himself as China Airbnb, media attention was poured into the Airbnb, the hotel industry in panic, also said on all occasions to mention Airbnb.

trick three: make money first, pay tuition


is a constant color on online gambling, is now a hot trick on the network, whether we often see advertisements in the group of experts, take you to play s.s.c earn 500 AD, in fact experts will make money, why would he take you to make money together, eat

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