Sell soil honey thousand 80 rural guy using the nternet thinking the fun of agricultural business

Preface: the transformation of traditional agricultural products, the Internet to do electricity supplier is currently a trend, but also a violent product after the transition to the internet. Today, many traditional agricultural enterprises and entrepreneurs aimed at agricultural products, the transformation of the internet. So, today the A5 webmaster SEO team interviewed a thinking of using the Internet to do the traditional agricultural soil honey friend, he made the largest local beekeeping base now, then every day hundreds of pounds of honey sales on the internet. He has been selling honey online, and later because of the limitations and transformation of the Internet as an electricity supplier.

so far, he has successfully transformed traditional agricultural products into the Internet, and is now a relatively large honey factory in the industry. For his transformation, we did some interviews, he shared some of the Internet on their own thinking and marketing experience, hope he can through the following interviews to help traditional agricultural products more transition to the Internet, so that more agricultural products developed on the internet.

site photos of traditional agricultural products:



below is a transcript:

A5 webmaster SEO team: Hello, beekeeping brother, let us introduce ourselves.

a brother: Hello, my name is Hu Chuizhang, a network called brother, Xiushui County in Jiangxi province. 13 years in August resigned from work, back to the mountains, rural areas, home with his father beekeeping. At present, the line of traditional marketing model moved to the line, but also perfect integration of the Internet and do electricity supplier.

A5 Adsense network SEO team: Why did you choose to do beekeeping industry? For what reason? Did not intend to find a stable job to do?


beekeeping brother: I chose to come home to beekeeping, mainly my father has always been beekeeping, he began to learn from my grandfather at sixteen years old beekeeping. So my family has been keeping bees, and I’ve started studying beekeeping. In fact, I have been working outside since I graduated from university. I have also worked with my friends to do some small business, but I haven’t succeeded. Some do network marketing friends in 13 years, and then I put the situation at home and talked to them, then their advice told me to go home to do, also said that this is the future trend of agricultural products, coupled with my family is doing business, so more dominant. So they taught me some simple online marketing methods.

and then, when the family to take honey, busy when I do not come back to help, but also to bring some honey to my colleagues. Later, many colleagues told me that you might as well go home and sell your own local honey, which is better than work, and your honey is very good. If you sell it, the income will be good. So I quit my job in August of 13 and came back to work with my father to sell honey, because my father was getting older and older, so I decided to come back and help.


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