Local community investigation report the potential of small and medium sized tourist cities is unlim

‘s second China local and industry website summit, with "innovation, integration and development" as the theme, was successfully held in Hangzhou overseas Sea International Convention and Exhibition Center on December 4-5. The event attracted more than 3000 practitioners, webmasters, media and guests from all walks of life in the internet. As the theme of the conference, many webmasters and guests launched a heated discussion on the future development of local and industry websites. In particular, the development of local communities is especially concerned by the webmaster and the people in the industry. About how local communities integrate with e-commerce and where the potential future of local communities is explored has become the two hot topic for discussion about local communities at this meeting.

on the potential of local communities in the future where? From this meeting of the second session of China and local industry outstanding community selection can get a glimpse. Both the best content, the operational award, the best Community Marketing Award, the most e-commerce value, or the most investment value award can be developed, local communities accounted for half of the country. And half of the country, and more than half of the site from the three line, even county-level cities. Looking at the current local community development, with several big fame and mature community, from Hangzhou to the nineteen floor, Shanghai Changzhou fence net, long lane, Xiamen fish communities to the provincial community Xicihutong, these sites are mostly from the first and second tier city and the economically developed provinces. The local communities in these cities started early and developed rapidly, and the local government and media supported a high degree and achieved good results. It can be said that the current first-line second tier city has been some mature community to occupy the market, while local communities often follow the needs of users, strong stickiness to the existing, mature communities occupy the market situation is often difficult to catch-up. Therefore, whether it is development prospects, or market potential, or marketing value, user demand blind spot, three lines, four lines of small and medium cities can be said to be the future of local communities new game point.

China’s local community in 2010 has a continuation of the trend of development, but also has a new development characteristics of germination. According to iResearch 2010 online community research report pointed out that in 2010 the network community with young people is Chinese community network users and owners of the main body, Chinese network community is the trend of SNS business, micro-blog will boost the development of the Internet community, network community marketing to further enhance the accuracy of advertising, promotion of Electronic Commerce Union advertising development, group purchase is a network community e-commerce a new growth point of the six characteristics and advantages. In the new year, local communities from small and medium-sized cities, if combined with local characteristics and user needs, closely linked to these six major points, I believe it can set off a local community growth boom.

, according to another survey, communities in small and medium-sized tourist cities are constantly evolving. Small and medium-sized tourist cities, although the network community started relatively slowly, it is not as fast as the first and second tier cities. But it also has a strong economic vitality, not only the local demand for information is strong, but also the demand for tourism information from all sides will help the development of the online community. Like the first 24 national history papers

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