Select some of the knowledge in the key words

, a new website, if you want to grow fast, it’s also necessary to choose the right keywords. How do you determine the key words? I think we should start with these points:

first choice of keywords in line with their own strength, how to say, some key words is very competitive, for a new sites, is not appropriate, so the choice of when to do what. But don’t choose the flow is too low keywords, flow rate is low, even if you do the first and what use, that is to do and website content is closely related, but the competition is not too fierce keywords.

followed by an analysis of the key words in the market to understand the general situation of the industry. The enemy can ever victorious, always believe the truth. Only your understanding of the market, making the keywords you is practical, because these four words, the first two do it a little more difficult, the latter two are a little easier, too much competition for keywords, such as games, online games and so on these don’t even consider, if you do this keyword I dare say, Baidu in the first 30 pages can’t find your site. Ha ha ~ so, when choosing, must understand the market thoroughly.


third basic keywords set, must go to search to see, look at the top 10 of the site, what is the auction website or industry website? Is corporate website or personal website? This is a must try, if it is the auction website and the industry website mostly, so the words of the commercial value of the strong in the industry, the most advertising alliance form, innovative profit pattern into consideration; simple corporate website and personal website, the competition is not strong.

finally, there is a point to do a keyword development plan and flow forecast, the development plan is to look at key words, there is no future, whether there is sustainable development?. Traffic is expected to experience is a need to live, hehe ~ ~ ~ ~ generally these, write it a bit of a mess, ha ha ~ I thought which is which is written, and think I will be added, please exhibitions.

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