Websites and companies for nine months

runs websites and companies for nine months,

unconsciously do stand for nearly a year, from the beginning of what all don’t understand, to now understand a little, not very understand. Heart is tangled.

doesn’t know how many friends make websites as startups. That’s what I was. From the beginning of the portal to get complacent. To the final decision to engage in a combination of substantive operation of the commercial nature of the site (5280 affiliated network) – focusing on the construction industry talent certification intermediary services. The site is rough, to be honest. But what I emphasize is the utility and validity of the visitor.

has a lot of feelings to say, a little messy. Let me simply outline an outline.

Some thoughts on Entrepreneurship of

1. website.

The importance of

2. website in the process of entrepreneurship.

Optimization and promotion of

3. website.

4. website success or not, personal requirements.

, let’s start with the first point:

often sees a lot of people in the A5 forum say that the site is not good now. The competition is big. The same is true. Personal Adsense profits era is over. Personally, if you want to do a bigger job, you have to have funds and people. Money can be solved by technology. The current optimization and promotion of funding requirements are getting higher and higher. Everyone knows the Baidu promotion, the Internet company’s SEO service. It’s all money. And for the small Adsense without funds, the pear is very big. SEO, human, now outside the post is a few cents, is soft, a few hundreds of articles, not to say a lot of money, the money is mainly is a long process. Want to see the results but also all means are regular white not black hat. A black hat can bring a brief and rapid effect, but the result is fatal. I have a friend who is suffering. I feel the same way. I’ll mention it. Therefore, the station is still a long process.

I started my own company before I made my stop. Incorporate some money and manpower. So now it’s going smoothly. For nine months, a lot of feeling not spot of words can say. Here, I want to be kind to those who are ready to stand and stand. The Internet is full of opportunities, but also full of pitfalls and hardships. Find the train of thought, we must make up our minds, patience, go on.

if I say it’s easy to make a station, I think a lot of people will spray me. Put it this way, for example, starve to death, timid, and brave. Now the network, make a person easily, also featuring a website easy. Website red flow, this problem solved. Like a baby, Xi Li Ge, Fengjie, Sister Lotus which is popular on the web. How many people are there in search of them everyday?. So the technique is very important, bold but cautious right direction is also very important. Many people ask, these are short-lived, and can not be maintained for long. This >

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