Drupal development of English Q & a website promotion experience

domestic less English stations, mostly in Chinese stations, but most of them are eager to do garbage stations, making quick money.

search under the English station promotion method, almost blank, no way, only their own groping forward.

is the first site to have some initial data, it is best not to collect, their original or pseudo original some, English is not familiar, you must also hard on the scalp.

second is to English station forum post, don’t use the kind of domestic top paste method, irrigation in English station is not allowed, you must really provide valuable content.

third to Digg, there is nothing to do, top some articles up, Digg seal account is very frequent, so the top article should be appropriate, some skills, this should be in practice in their own exploration.

fourth Yahoo Answer is a good traffic channel, and Baidu know, ask the answer or answer questions by a link, can bring a small amount of traffic, but not too much.

fifth to spend some money if they want to find people to do a lot of blog, get the chain, this part can not original, can directly collect a copy, it is one-way chain over, only to take the chain.

finally, propaganda website iclew.org has just released the quiz, Chinese English questions are welcome! Iclew is a QA client program, you will have to answer it may display the desktop it’s cool people, try it.

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