Melody nets beauty webmaster voice

I have so many fascinating, derived and hate so much. The kind of melodious and sonorous homage to the colourful plumage immersion psychedelic, whether I use what means and strong is unable to grasp. The scale of congenital defects, make me by the youth aspire to the youth is lost, then to the end now.

? Yes, the has been far away from me, or the sky of my music is infinitely pale. Although the birds will only in the tree top dihuai chirp, although the early spring frogs noisy over my ears, now the summer is coming, the cicadas with Xi sound more and more ambitious, but so many natural tone, so some complex music, they are always high low, short length, well-proportioned, a a beautiful but rather the world. The world shows its diversity and complexity. Smart people should have some insights from them, and change their tune with fashion so as to conform to the high times and attract the same breath.

?? I like a partridge always likes to hide in the depths of shade, singing or hoarse or heavy or sad songs. The voice was dull not very harmonious, in front of some Angelo even a bit harsh, but it is after all the sounds of nature, the world is not denied the content after the creation of the world. As long as the content is not known, the heinous saliva, you should not put it into hell.

?? you may remember, CCTV had a hit retirement of female employees, in order to make the society better, specifically on some health corner, shooting exposed the dark side of the society, in her effort to run under sporadic Millennium smelly rubbish soon cleared, some unhealthy to picket. After the hit, many retirees have followed suit, went away is dirty, left is clean.

? It is no doubt that we can only see the ills of society, but can not see the good forms of the human world. But it is in the public service, is the United States, so this kind of behavior undoubtedly should be affirmed.

?? I do not have the luxury of deep public service, I faint, only want to sing real tune, a pleasure of her soul, or sorrow or joy or cry or tears, or jump or jump, stop, walk, wanton, without affectation. These songs like song impassioned; as well as the long-drawn and tedious documents, reports and sonorous and forceful. However, I think, as long as it is from the truth, it should be affirmed and considered to be beautiful. Du Fu depressed is the reality of the history of the greatest masterpiece, is rich in Tao Yuanming’s Elegy; dilute Ning and Chaochen own peerless beauty; Shen Congwen hidden solemn dignity water village charm. Eileen Chang also said: "I don’t love my love heroic, more desolate…… There are more long aftertaste, desolate……."

?? in the sleepless night, my ear thick wall; in the morning hush, I flew on the full silver campus; in the bright moonlight, I listen to the nature of the fence through bushes, voice of the nightingale.

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