t’s difficult for a teacher to learn how to stand

         ;    , Hello, I’m from Hong kong. I was a primary school teacher, in the work has been diligent, good work performance. (born in 80s), I always wanted to show my worth in other places and show my talent, but I never got a chance.

                not long ago, a friend is doing the station, the business is very good, a little jealous. Earn four, five thousand a month. I see is exciting, so ask him, can I do ah. He said yes, and he also offered technical support. I think I can’t miss such a good thing. Say, do it, that’s my personality, so I start working right away. Save a little money, buy a cheap book, and then start crazy online paste, absorb nutrition. I feel a little confused, so call for help, my friend. My friend was saying, give me a set of procedures, a space, I changed, I stood www.54ycr.com  more than a month after the fresh baked. Because I am Yancheng, I am familiar with Yancheng, so I will be a portal of Yancheng.

           ;     at the beginning I was full of confidence, because I want to earn four, five thousand, I earn one thousand or two thousand should be ok. Who knows how many days, my station has not been included in the Baidu, in the end what’s going on? I do not know, and now is very helpless. Now that I have done it, I want to do it well! That’s what I often tell my students! Ha ha. It’s difficult now, but I really don’t want to give up. I know there are many masters here. So I want to please the apprentice can be generous with your criticism!!!, as the saying goes: high school teacher!! thank you! Thank you!!! This is my QQ:641723644.

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