Do stand such as life webmaster friends please do your mind

we do want to stand to get more harvest, whether physical or mental, hope to share with everyone happy and share together into trouble, in this group, growth and other owners together is our pursuit of life. Individual novice may not be able to understand the truth, we are eager to promote your site, let the site soon grow up, sometimes ignore the feelings of others in the publicity, leading to beginners easy to make some small mistakes when doing the station. We can see that the individual webmaster in exchange when disdain and share, so, in the virtual world, how do we face other webmasters, and how websites grow together, this is a topic that the benign development of the Internet, we need to better publicize themselves, but also make more friends.

as long as we work hard to exchange, can let the webmaster see our sincerity and together, create a good atmosphere, here is Chinese shop network ( a summary of some experience:

1, read the article, but also to communicate with the author and find resonance;

2, often share with others, discuss and exchange ideas with each other to facilitate the development of websites;

3, website content rather less write, do not write, avoid plagiarism, with respect to the author;

4, learn to respect others, to other people’s article should be carefully analyzed, seriously replies, can not attack each other, slander, malicious curse;

5, unremittingly, often encouraged with others, out of the low mood, to sunny.

many friends in the website promotion of their site will be through the writing form to express a do stand experience and experience, but also hope that we can learn more about the website or personal, so this time we try to write the article, but I hope others can look good, give yourself some of the more practical suggestions to facilitate their growth. But most of the time we are seeing some "drifting" and "passing" and "support" and other words, the number of chilling, after all the hard to write those articles, hopefully get good advice, see this reply is, how many people sad, in fact, looking back, we are not so treat others, we are not also inadvertently hurt the author, you imagine, this "drifting", so he "drifting", we "to" floating "to finally get what? What do we want others to treat yourself at the same time, there is no care to want to treat others? Under the" drifting "when you take into account when they have to communicate with others? If someone else" across "your article, what do you want? Not really The author of the article to read, read can exchange place, to give the author comments or replies, I think it is better than the "passing" well, because of this, virtually you increase your feelings for each other, also.

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