Analyze the possible development trend of the electricity supplier industry guide the future websit

actually I already had the idea to write an article on the China electricity supplier industry articles, but has no time, this morning around A5, suddenly found a writer wrote an article called "the cool days at China mapping electricity supplier development road", after reading deeply, the author composed the cool days at Chinese event to China business development, said very in principle, but also very practical, but he is ultimately China characteristics of the electricity supplier industry, sometimes we can not only know the characteristics, instead we should know is the development trend of Chinese electricity supplier industry, is the so-called "Shun chang the inverse of death". Grasp the development trend of Chinese electricity industry, sometimes will make their own way of higher more smoothly.

special, deep industry e-commerce will become a hot

The failure of

cool days largely because there is no thought to China electricity supplier industry depth, thought that relying on Baidu drainage and Alibaba can be strong, in fact, Chinese electricity market in deep water, the user’s search habits, regional culture and the pursuit for product quality have made detailed Chinese electricity supplier industry must be ready to reform now, it Chinese consumers living standards than in 2000 has been a qualitative leap, diversification will not only satisfy to choose, experience more and more towards consumption. Besides the current Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang business models mature, even big companies like Baidu, and they are not necessarily can destabilize, ah, cool days is a good example. Therefore, the future of China’s commercial point is bound to be like professional, deep-seated development. Just like good music to buy, Le Amoy focused on shoes and bags online mall, they did not directly and Taobao comprehensive shopping mall challenge, but the second major offensive and deep business industry, at present, the effect is very good, good music to buy the first quarter of 2012 sales increase over the same period% 52.

e-commerce will integrate logistics supply chain

read an article before, say is a successful electricity supplier website, which necessary conditions?. One point is that the choice of logistics. In fact, in my opinion, the importance of logistics choice can even be compared with the quality of goods, and in the rapid development of the electricity supplier today, the impact of the logistics supply chain defects are often fatal. In China business industry, basically is the user to buy goods, and then select logistics supplier model, although this mode will be the logistics outsourcing, but once the logistics problems, we will reduce the favorability for your site, because in their view, the logistics quality is good or bad and is linked to your site.

You are such a

particular ideology, as construction enterprises to strengthen the logistics, it is foreseeable future only those logistics as the core value of components, and have won the trick of the enterprise can be China e-commerce market competition. Because the enterprise itself involved in the logistics industry, you can grasp the whole process of commodity distribution, destiny will be in your own hands, although it will increase

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