How do blogs make money 2016 personal blog making new ideas


blog is almost half a year, with the media since the hot, many owners are transferred to the self media marketing to go, for 2016, is an opportunity for personal blog how to make money? This is a lot of learning SEO friends are concerned, the Cen Huiyu sum up some experience to make money blogging and thinking, hope to help everyone to



for the first time in making money online is the first half of 2015, it was in the zhubajie orders, because just enter society, orders in the process of being blocked, the first turnover of customers is the fellow, fellow requirements is not high, I look young, the price is not high, so for me to do at that time. I am a person to do, although have many friends, we will team up to Internet cafes, but the only difference is that they are playing the game, and I work hard to catch the list of friends laugh at me silly, to

Internet cafes do these boring things, I just smile,

finally, in a week after the completion of the work, his first work finally, to the customer, the customer is satisfied, I pay a fee of $1250, was

I and my friends’ wages are the same, only 2000 yuan, in Shanghai this city too tight Baba, light rent unbearable, but I did not because this little proud, the next day, I have time to find the list in Witkey online, without knowing. Half a year passed, orders also luck.

let me determined to build a blog because I want to do a blog to record some important things, but also can hold a ghost in front of friends, no thought on a single blog can make money idea, although I studied computer professional, but the station is careless, don’t even know the concept of space and domain name,

I was in the second half of 2015, for the construction of such a blog, say, but also not afraid of everyone laughing, I in order to use WordPress build a blog, built a whole week,

when I build a good blog content, and let me worry about it, because it was just want to record some of the things, but really want to write, what are not, then, I will go to the online reprint of God articles, then hastily on-line, in the operation of this blog, I also appear a lot of problems. Revised many times to

is still 0 weight, so I suggest that you want to earn money by blogging, you should seriously deal with your blog;

I’m blogging for money from the beginning of 2016, when it seemed to share a don’t know what the article, and then take the submission, after being reproduced in various forums, to contact me is a need to do keyword optimization friend, when he just let me out a plan for him, and he drove me QQ voice on 2 hours later, he thought that I thought good > optimization

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