Baidu experience how to play


Baidu’s many products have been the vast number of SEOer people. Webmasters are widely used, especially the Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu stick, and so on, and now because Baidu audit is more and more strict, it is difficult to develop. But Baidu experience promotion is also one of the effective channels for the free promotion of Baidu product promotion. I observe that traffic is very high, too,

so what should we do to improve our product?

, first of all, my understanding of Baidu traffic, Baidu that small search box, every day hundreds of millions of Internet users search to get the information they want.

Baidu experience traffic has 2 main sources,

one: the experience platform’s own traffic

one is: flow through Baidu search

, whether it is experience platform or Baidu search traffic, the title is very important, countless people on the Internet wrote numerous articles on how to write the title, I will not join the fun, waste of time

1, promotion products are different,

What products

promotes reflects the depth of your understanding of an industry.

2, Baidu search traffic

, if you choose a lot of products have been done, and the long tail word is still running out, that copy quality should be high, and appropriate to do the chain. Copy quality is high, most friends also know, but there are patience to insist on writing not many people; the chain of words, know and do less friends.

3, product commission high

Commission is relatively high, most of the high commission products have been done, how to break it? First assess whether there is no strength to go beyond competitors, and beyond the key is

2 points: copy quality, search rankings. If you feel that the strength is not enough, retreat and then choose a relatively weak competition products, or mining two of the products.

, I feel much better myself:

Baidu experience accounts, pictures, profiles and experience articles are highly relevant. Account avatar and experience profiles are described to attract readers’ attention. [


account: they do not have good, go to Taobao to buy. OK?


profile: I can’t write, go to Witkey, find the cow, write a handwritten paragraph,

pictures: avatar design with their own PS, it will not have to spend money Taobao

article: article quality is high,

copy level

I’ve probably divided the copy into 4 levels:

(1) streaming text: copy other web content, beginning with >

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