What qualities do people need from the new era of self media

Hello, I was thinking, what is the media? I contact this concept in 2006, when several non-governmental organizations in the Sohu’s blog blog, which is a XX from the media, when I was one of the partners, also blocked a Henan official, XX media, and then to make the province’s blog on the blog, but we did not insist, finally I didn’t settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, what a pity, just ordinary friends. On the Internet, did not think this is from the media. Now think about it, but is from the media form, is a lot of people around you, you are the leader, you are the organization, you have a certain influence on them, to form a good reputation in a circle slowly, a brand was born.

What is the

from the media? We as a webmaster, have a website is from the media, this website is your personal brand, but also to certain things, it will bring you income, your monthly income of ten thousand, twenty thousand, one hundred thousand,…, let the envy of many of these people, so this time, the topic of speculation on such a hot topic, many people want to join the ranks from the media, but not for a long time, find yourself not open, on the left, also began to complain, what a bitch from the media, people are fooled, but they agree that the fire has been behind since the media has a strong background and resources, will quickly fire up, so they began a large number of advertising investment, waste a lot of money, although the effect is not ideal, but at this time, they They are completely hopeless. Why not? They don’t reflect on it. They just leave the media.

that’s why some people say that media experience is going to decline as an independent blogger. I understand these people’s heart, I don’t blame them, I can only say here, you do not fit from the media, you left this line, is good for you, I thank you to leave, can purify the environment of Internet, make the Internet a bit less waste, also can give other people a chance to become a self media.

next, I’ll analyze how to become a better source of media, and let your friends know how to do it quickly.

first, from the media, is the accumulation of resources.

like the 36kr, the tiger sniffing technology website, is to enhance the quality of content, in the vicinity of the people spread slowly in the course of time, become a brand, and these two types of web content is not the same, although is the science and technology, but a deep reading, a translation of foreign the domestic and the latest dynamic to maintain the update of the website. And 36kr more tiring, if the update is not timely, the content can not keep up, will soon be forgotten. Therefore, we must first think what kind of content to do, more in line with our future maintenance operations. And you have to get first hand resources. This is what I mean by the accumulation of resources.

second, from the media spell is >

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