Talking about the necessity and main points of website analysis

knows the website operation friend to know, the website data analysis is a very important question, importantly has even produced the website data analyst separately, such a very fine division of labor profession.

generally speaking, website data analysis is divided into station analysis and off site analysis.

in fact, I’m not a website analyst, but today I just want to discuss the necessity and analysis point of station analysis.

first, let’s look at why station analysis is necessary.

for this, in fact, most webmaster friends should have a concept, but the clarity of the concept to be discussed.

China is saying: the outward first


search engine optimization work said he is difficult, easy to say, is also very easy, the most important original readability is one of the contents of the article, an external link and the breadth of the quality of


some friends to do SEO Optimization Website optimization, website optimization is he hard to do outside the chain, but I want to ask, if your website there is such a problem, the website links are 7, 8 layers deep, spiders can’t climb, you think your site in the search search engine rankings are good? If, if when you visit the website. The spider, the emergence of a large number of return code 200064 (usually, when you appear in the page code, also on behalf of your web page from K far away), if you do not go to the analysis of the web server the log, you do not know, not to mention the



through the above two examples, we can be sure that a point of view, that is, the site of the station analysis is extremely important.

I will be in the website of the station analysis done the following detailed description, the words of their own, if there is inappropriate, everyone please include:

1, analyze your website name


needs analysis website name? The reason is very simple, the site name, usually is title, in the search engine, especially Baidu search engine there, with a high total, an excellent website name, you can bring more high quality traffic.

2, analyze your keywords,

might be said as the keyword function before, but, as long as it is on the search engine and the influence, we should not be ignored, is the key to the site keywords and corresponding to the name, highlight key keywords.

3, analyze your website description

I see a lot of people in the written description, use keyword stuffing, actually this is not desirable, because the site is provided to visitors to watch, we should to the viewer’s point of view, should write a smooth introduction of your website, when >

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