Novice webmaster talk about the three steps

building a web site takes only three steps.

, the first step, buy domain name space.

this step is very simple, that is enough. But remind is, buy a domain name space to see them, it is best to large service providers (such as network) products, but large service prices generally more expensive, then you can go to the service’s buying agent (this is the true genuine goods at a fair price.

second steps, select the program, upload to the space for installation.

now has quite a number of free programs on the web. You should first think about what you want to do, such as enterprise websites, travel websites, commercial websites, forums, or CMS building sites and so on. First you decide what you need, and then you choose to find such a program. Find such a program source code, a lot of online, are free, and spend more effort to find, you can always find what you want. Yes, upload it to your space with the FTP tool. You can install it step by step according to the instructions.

third step, add content, perfect your website.

to the third step, Congratulations, you already have your website. You just need to add your own content to your website, and then get out.

this is my station "I am 80, please master course, I belong to the rookie level, only to provide some suggestions for novice.

after saying that, you don’t think it’s hard to build a website any more?. I from the site to now, although less than a week, but Baidu, GG and other major search engines have been included in my web site.

and want to say is, easy to build, it is difficult to promote operation. In other words, it’s easy to have a website of your own, as long as you’re willing to spend time and energy on it. It is important that when you have a belong to your website, you must take him out, let others know, and you get what they want what we need, this is the existence of the value of a website.

finished writing this, and at the same time thought of his own way along the road is not easy, but it has been hard and happy. I hope the same people who want to build a website for themselves will also get what you want, hard and happy.

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