The key factors affecting the electricity supplier website conversion rate details

usually do not pay attention to these problems, today suddenly realized the flow and turnover of the singular why such a big gap, Jingxiaxinlai think that the usual website daily about 500 IP, the daily turnover of only five or six single singular, the conversion rate is only 1%, why so low, the more than 500 Ip so little value? Five or six single transaction, will restrict your income increase. We must be aware of the seriousness of this problem, even if you again how to do optimization, do flow, flow up to do, little or no transactions were singular, income, rarely, but also sent to the local force, we must focus on the conversion to solve this problem, improve the conversion rate of income doubled to nature turn on. How to improve the conversion rate? What factors are affecting the conversion rate? The author, today to express their opinion, the key factors affecting the electricity supplier website conversion rate details, and how to improve the conversion rate.

before I wrote a story about improve the conversion rate of article "actual experience of how to improve the basic factors of the guest user conversion rate of revenue maximization" inside said web server speed, website localization, keyword selection, web designer, and these products affect the conversion rate, today is not about the foundation. Mainly talk about good foundation in these above, what are the key factors affecting the conversion rate.

1, from the background data analysis of user sources, to see where the main user comes from, from the search engine to see what keywords they search,


data " Womens winter coat" "Taobao online shopping accounted for most of the

women’s winter"

this time we will analyze your website to provide products and whether the user search keywords matching, such as matching is poor, the conversion rate will be very low, for example: most users search " Womens winter coat" come in, you have to put all the web page content on these women’s winter coat women’s information products and information, so the search for " Womens winter coat" users in one can see she needs products.


home page and navigation bar are all "women’s clothing category"

I have seen many guest website, what are, which is very complex, the user enters a look, not what he needs, immediately shut down the site. Web keyword and content matching is very low, leading to high jump rate, low conversion rate, the solution is to analyze the background data, improve the content of the site and keyword matching.

2. user point of view set the site guide column, regard oneself as the user, from the search engine to search for the key to enter your own website, they will soon find themselves in need of love products? Whether can through your website successfully purchase? These two points will reflect a lot of problems, network.

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