Webmaster do the following 3 steps long term profit is not difficult


recently from the Internet to see a "website operations: fixed in the end how long can live?" the article, after looking at my feelings are also very deep. Think of yourself in the Internet, and haven’t changed the current situation. All along, are non-stop hair every day, the article kept sending the chain, when we found that the chain can not be issued, the contents of the update for the ranking did not move when they know that such repetition is not the head.

said it was not a head to do, but if it were to change, it would be difficult for us to adjust to something new. The author thinks that if you want to change your working condition, you must go through "exercise"". The exercise here is to ask you to participate in some webmaster training, to explore new things. There are many webmaster may say: I know SEO, understand optimization, to training waste of money, now is Baidu hit these aspects, everyone’s ranking is as difficult to do.

if you have this idea, I think you have not read my article meaning. I mean, let’s go and find out people’s work plans, and listen to how people deal with Baidu attacks, we should learn from them. The following I recommend you several methods, the majority of the webmaster can achieve long-term profit through goal planning.

1. Rational goal planning

1. at present there are two types of webmaster, one is profitable, and one is no profit, no profit is the goal of the webmaster wrong.

2. for example: before I see people cross stitch site a lot of money, a pair of cross stitch profits are good, I see no more want to do a cross stitch site, when ranking and flow up to the people, when I get the goods, I found that I made a fatal mistake, I’m not manufacturers, I no shop. When people are optimistic about the goods, I have to go through the manufacturers order, and then shipped to customers. This period will waste a lot of time, there are a lot of customers will be so impatient, plus one to the freight, I had almost no commission. In addition, the network is virtual, basically can not get the money for the first time, to let customers see the goods after feeling satisfied, I can get money, and finally no profit, and ended in failure.

3., so, if you want to make money online, it’s important that you make good goal planning. You can make a profit only if you have a reasonable planning goal.

two, actual combat test,

It is important to do field test of

, do not patronize every day to see the experience of others, people see the plan, sometimes not necessarily the experience of others is right, his method is good to know, through their own testing. Webmaster can go to do some different types of Web sites, try to do different ways to optimize the test, this is the actual form, I think it is better.


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